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Make yourself seen, says Snickers Workwear

BEING seen instantly in dim or dark light conditions is a lifesaver – so stay visible to stay safe.

In Snickers Workwear’s ISO-compliant High-Vis clothing, fluorescent colours reportedly make you easier to see at dawn, dusk and during the day, while reflective stripes make it easier to see you in dim and dark conditions.

Says the company: ‘With a choice of garments in fluorescent yellow or orange, the latest additions to the Snickers Workwear high-Vis collection are partly made from bio-based Sorona fabrics in which 37% of the fibres use renewable plant-based materials. In addition to offering a sustainable solution, Sorona fabrics also provide superb colourfastness, long-lasting elasticity, and optimal comfort.’

Snickers Workwear’s new winter high-vis collection includes trousers, tops and jackets in classes 1, 2 and 3. Adds the company: ‘They’re the stand-out choice for tradesmen and women in hazardous working environments with a diverse choice of functionality, comfort and hard-working durability for longer-lasting sustainability and wellbeing.’
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