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‘Meet the FASTEST member of the ARDEX family’

ARDEX UK, which describes itself as one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of high-performance flooring and tiling products, has just unveiled its new Ultra Rapid Drying Levelling and Smoothing Compound – ARDEX K 55 FAST.

Designed specifically to help save valuable time on any site or job, ARDEX K 55 FAST is said to be walkable within 30 minutes and can receive floorcoverings in as little as 60 minutes.

This product also, says the company, has exceptional flow and levelling characteristics, ‘making it a must-have for any professional floorlayer who’s working against the clock’.

ARDEX K 55 FAST was developed by the team at ARDEX UK which drew on what the company describes as their extensive previous technical experience and product knowledge ‘to create a quality and reliably consistent levelling compound with the robustness that is associated with all ARDEX products, such as the market-leading ARDITEX NA’.

Continues the company: ‘The rapid setting and drying time of ARDEX K 55 FAST – just 30 minutes – makes it ideal for high traffic floors which cannot realistically be inaccessible for long periods of time, such as communal areas ie shared hallways and residential properties, and commercial premises such as offices and retail spaces.’

Available in 20kg bags, ARDEX K 55 FAST is said to be suitable for most common subfloors and is reportedly the go-to product for any fitter working on time-sensitive projects.

To find out more about ARDEX K 55 FAST, visit ardex.co.uk where you’ll find further information about product usage and application, as well as the contact details for the ARDEX technical support team, which is on-hand to help with questions on this, or any other ARDEX product or installation.
You’ll also find the product datasheet, which provides the key coverage, surface preparation, priming and application information you’ll need ahead of getting started.

ARDEX K 55 FAST is available now so contact your local trade counter for more information.

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