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Meet TREMS, the new cloud-based system from Tramex

THE Tramex Remote Environmental Monitoring System (TREMS) is the new cloud-based system designed, developed, and built in Ireland by Tramex, ‘for the most accurate and reliable site-monitoring and recording of your projects’ ambient environmental temperature and humidity conditions. With TREMS, you can monitor multiple locations, 24/7, for the full duration of your projects’.

Says the company: ‘With no monthly subscription fees, SIM included for 4G coverage, up to 15 years’ battery life, exceptional accuracy, and an easy-to-use and secure cloud-based platform, the Tramex Cloud provides simple reporting, parameter adjustment, alert notifications, and downloadable data. All your projects’ environmental data can be monitored remotely, any time, any place, from anywhere.’

From the drying of the floor slab and screed through to the post installation period of the floorcovering, the ambient conditions of temperature and relative humidity can affect the success or failure of the project.

Tramex points out the following:

  • Ambient conditions of the site will affect concrete slab and screed drying times
  • Onsite ambient conditions need to be appropriate and ready in advance of the flooring delivery
  • While the flooring is acclimating on-site prior to installation, ambient conditions should be stable
  • Monitoring ambient conditions during the installation of the flooring is also critical so as to avoid dew point condensation issues that can occur
  • Post-installation ambient conditions fluctuations can also affect the success of the flooring installation.

Says the company: ‘Using the Tramex Remote Environmental Monitoring System these steps can be closely monitored and a project report can be produced as evidence that the flooring was installed in the optimal ambient conditions throughout the process.’

How remote environmental monitoring works
The company continues: ‘When ambient conditions need to be monitored and visualised over a period of time, remote monitoring provides the perfect solution. Tramex cloud sensors are placed in the required areas and send temperature and humidity readings to the Tramex cloud station. Multiple sensors can be used with one station and additional sensor accessory packs are also available. Registration and onsite set-up is simple using a QR code check-in procedure.’

Adds the company: ‘The secure network then connects to the wi-fi supplied by your Tramex station and sends all data to the Tramex cloud platform. The onsite sensors transmit relative humidity, temperature (deg C and deg F), dew point and grains per pound/grams per kilo readings wirelessly via the Tramex cloud station enabling remote monitoring of up to 200 on-site sensors on the Tramex cloud platform.’

In your Tramex cloud account all collected data can be viewed as files and in visual charts or graphs and compiled into reports, says the company, adding that with a lifespan of up to 15 years the sensors will provide the data required on the smallest to the longest of projects.

‘Why travel to a single site to take readings, when you can surf to the Tramex cloud and monitor many projects all in one place with no subscription fee? All your data at your fingertips and real-time alert notifications at the ready. A secure logging-in process into the Tramex cloud allows required personnel access to the temperature and relative humidity data. Temperature and humidity readings are stored on the cloud platform and can be downloaded as CSV, Excel files, or jpegs. Reports are generated for a quick glance view with colour-coordinated lines for even easier viewing.

If the parameters onsite are of a critical nature, TREMS can be set up to issue alert notifications if the sensor readings reach the set parameters. Alert notifications can be sent to site agents for a quick resolution, or to an office for reference. Project information can be made accessible to all that require it. TREMS is your reliable partner for precise and accurate remote temperature and humidity monitoring.’
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