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‘Metallic Accents to enhance ancient building blocks’

METALLIC Clay is the latest random lay carpet plank in the Rudiments carpet tile collection from IVC Commercial.

The company says: ‘With an organic design that adds elemental highlights to echo our desire to enhance organic structures and create new meaning, Metallic Clay is a transitionary carpet plank which can be used to mix and match in any Rudiments flooring scheme. The new style expands the design versatility of Rudiments and is available in nine spirited and shining colourways using a metallic thread to add energy to the textural and tonal pattern.

‘From hewn stone floors and hand-shaped clay tiles to coarsely cut wood blocks and artistic textiles woven from organic threads, Rudiments celebrates the flooring materials that have been closely linked to culture for centuries.’

The company continues: ‘Basalt, Jute, and Teak are at the heart of the Rudiments collection, presenting designs grounded in flooring materials to which we are intrinsically connected. Available in 12 tone-on-tone colourways, they’re the foundation for layouts, with all three designs working across large areas, delivering a different level of pattern depending on the requirement of the project.

‘Clay, Clay Create, and new Metallic Clay are random lay carpet planks inspired by mankind’s crafting of clay, first hand-shaped into the rudimentary building blocks that have protected us for centuries. Adding organic structure to Rudiments projects and part of more than 100 carpet tiles with a shared yarn bank, they bring new ways to mix and match across spaces.’

The company concludes: ‘Designed and made in Belgium, Rudiments uses a solution-dyed nylon yarn that provides resistance to stains and excellent resilience to wear. The collection can also be specified with EcoFlex Echo acoustic backing. The 94% recycled polyester felt reduces impact noise by 25%. Adding underfoot comfort as well as improving acoustics, EcoFlex Echo is a great option for projects focusing on the wellbeing of users.’

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