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‘Mix it up with Moduleo Roots’

WHEN it comes to luxury vinyl floors that can mix it up in the style stakes, the depth and variety of designs in Moduleo Roots makes it hard to beat, says the company. ‘So, if your customers like to harmonise wood and stone, put herringbone next to plank, or tantalise with terrazzo, then make it Moduleo.’

Adds the company: ‘When designing the Roots collection, Moduleo’s designers paid careful attention to creating floors that not only stood out for their individuality, but that also complemented each other. That means owners can enjoy a unique and exclusive floor whatever their preference. It gives freedom of design and to try new things.’

Matthew Brook, national sales manager, says: ‘LVT floors have made customisation popular. It’s now not uncommon to find planks bordering herringbone or a stone marking out an island in classic oak. This freedom to experiment has always been at the heart of Moduleo and the Roots collection has taken us to another level. If your customers like to express themselves with uniquely personal flooring, then you won’t go far wrong with Roots as your recommendation.’

Continues Moduleo: ‘Moduleo Roots is certainly a collection that puts design variety at its heart, with 114 looks to choose from. But it is also one of premium quality. Every aspect of the floor has been looked at during development: acoustics, reflection. Gloss, texture, softness and warmth have all been finetuned to bring homes a better luxury vinyl floor. The Roots collection is made in Belgium using high-quality, traceable materials. All inks and coatings are water-based and every floor features at least 30% internally recycled waste from Moduleo’s own recycling plant.

‘Display options are almost as varied as the collection itself. The 36 model holds some of the best sellers from the Roots collection, while the most popular 72 model holds all of the Roots collection including herringbone designs. Both stands show the variety, authenticity and detail of Moduleo Roots. Featuring striking new room images and communicating the benefits of choosing Moduleo Roots, each display comes in high and low formats.’

Concludes the company: ‘For retailers looking to make the most of Moduleo Roots, there’s the shop-in-shop concept. This brings a large and impressive stand featuring a consultation hub with overhead, built-in AV display and a fully stocked cupboard housing take-away samples (replenished free), brochures and swatch books.’
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