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New entrance mats ‘fit well with any main floor’

WITH the Symphony2 and the Stelvio, entrance matting specialist Rinos is introducing two new commercial entrance mats according to the ‘Matching all floors’ principle.

Matching all floors
When developing the colour range of secondary entrance mats, Rinos mainly looks to what extent the colours of entrance mats match main floors. The Symphony2 is a scraping mat made of regenerated polyamide (Econyl) and is available in an extensive palette of 10 matching colours. This colour range includes cool as well as warm grey and brown tones, and some accent colours for a beautiful, harmonious match with modern main floors in commercial buildings and offices.

The Stelvio is a soft, absorbent mat with a relatively high frisé pile for a welcoming reception in a property. An entrance mat that keeps the hotels, high-end retail outlets and representative offices clean and safe. A beautiful red carpet is also available in the chic, classic colour palette.

The natural colours of the Symphony2 are derived from the subtle tones of rocks. These colours therefore fit well with every transition from the outside to the inside. The patterned design with a mix of matt and shiny yarns bring Symphony2 to life and thus hide dirt from the eye. The Symphony2 is made with Econyl (regenerated polyamide) on a PVC backing, but is also available with an environmentally friendly PVC-free backing.

So Symphony2 conceals actual footprints, while reducing your environmental footprint! This mat has the highest sand absorption class (3), is suitable for heavy contract use (use class 33) and has a Cfl-s1 flammability classification.

The Stelvio meets the increasing demand for a high quality mat that also contributes to a welcoming entrance even under heavier conditions – such as rain and snow. It is a chic, elegant entrance mat that guarantees guests and visitors a well-groomed, clean entrance area, even when the weather leaves something to be desired. A wonderfully voluminous mat in 5 even colours with a frisé pile construction for a lively image.

The high and dense pile construction (1400 g/sq m) provides on the one hand a soft and luxurious feeling, and on the other hand a high dirt absorption (class 3). This entrance mat is supplied as standard on a PVC backing and is also available with a PVC-free backing. This PVC-free backing has another advantage that it contains no plasticisers, so that no stains occur on LVT, wood or resin floors. The Stelvio has a heavy contract use classification (32) and a Cfl-s1 flammability classification.
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