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New Grout Haze & Limescale Remover joins ECOPROTEC range

ECOPROTEC has introduced a new first wash cleaner to its Clean & Restore series. New Grout Haze & Limescale Remover is described as a ready-to-use spray treatment for the safe removal of cement-based grout haze and limescale.

It can reportedly be used on all types of engineered tile and unpolished stone surfaces, without affecting the grout joint or tarnishing chrome and steel trims and fittings.

Says the company: ‘Periodic treatment also helps control and remove hardwater stains and limescale. Featuring acid-replacement technology – and a biodegradable, environmentally-friendly formulation – new Grout Haze & Limescale Remover is a rapid-action water-based cleaning agent that can be used on all types of glazed and polished porcelain, glazed ceramic, slate, quarry tiles, brick, mosaics, terracotta, granite and unpolished natural stone.

It continues: ‘It’s also suitable for the fast removal of residue from grout application tools. In new installations, grout should be allowed to ‘film off’ before application. The treatment is then sprayed onto tiles and wiped across the surface with a microfibre cloth, before rinsing with a clean, wrung cloth. For older, stubborn residues – and to remove hardwater stains and limescale – the treatment should be applied and tiles scrubbed immediately with a white nylon scrubbing pad.

‘Released residue is then removed with a micro-fibre cloth. Sealed natural stone surfaces should be resealed after treatment. With more than 30 years’ experience in the tile and stone market, LTP’s ECOPROTEC brand has become established in the contract sector since its launch in 2016. Its range includes sealing and protection, cleaning and restoration, and aftercare treatments designed for all types of polished and unpolished natural and artificial stone, porcelain, ceramic, concrete, masonry and terrazzo.’
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