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‘Premium quality whatever the category’

QUICK-STEP says it’s led innovation in the flooring sector since the ‘90s and now with laminate, wood and luxury vinyl floors, the brand ‘brings premium quality whatever the flooring category’.

The company says: ‘Today, homeowners can choose between a wide range of long-lasting laminate, vinyl and wood floors that all share the same DNA: striving for perfection. So, whatever Quick-Step floor they choose, homeowners can be confident of beauty that lasts.

‘Since it first entered the flooring market in 1990 with its laminate floors, Quick-Step has been responsible for a long list of market-leading technologies. From the Uniclic joint that revolutionised installation in 1997 to Wood for Life that made wood flooring easier to live, the Quick-Step name has always stood for premium quality flooring.’

The company continues: ‘Quick-Step’s latest ranges are the pinnacle of nearly 35-years of intensive research and development into how to make floors more beautiful, practical and durable. For example, its Capture laminate range is indistinguishable from real wood, 100% watertight and comes with 10 times the scratch and stain resistance of other laminate floors. Every design is thoughtful and true to nature, so that the detail of every knot, crack, grain and joint is brought to life.

‘Cascada is the first watertight wood floor that comes with a lifetime warranty in kitchens and bathrooms. Not only this, but it comes with Wood for Life moisture-repellent technology to stop mud, spilled foods and other dirt from sticking to its surface. With beautiful natural woods in unique finishes like Wintry Forest Oak Extra Matt, Cascada brings the enriching charm and true warmth that can only come with a wood floor.’

The company adds: ‘Quick-Step has continued its know-how built over years of refining and innovating in laminate and wood floors into the world of luxury vinyl flooring and with the new Alpha Vinyl collection, it has set a new benchmark.

‘With up to 20 times the texture and detail of other luxury vinyl, the clever Unizip joint for easy herringbone installation and built-in underlay across the range, Alpha Vinyl is packed with leading technologies that make it a premium choice. It also makes use of Quick-Step’s Hydroseal water repellent for a 100% waterproof floor, and with Scratch Guard for stain and dirt protection, Alpha Vinyl shows Quick-Step’s DNA in every plank and tile.’

Quick-Step concludes: ‘So, it’s clear Quick-Step not only offers a wide range of laminate, vinyl and wood floors, it also ensures they are technically superior. This has put Quick-Step in a market-leading position and will continue to define its efforts for years to come. After all, striving for continuous improvement is striving for perfection.’

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