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Pro-Screed Gold offers ‘super-smooth’ finish

PRO-SCREED GOLD from floorwise is reportedly helping installers around the country to smooth out subfloors.

Leaving a ‘super-smooth’ finish over a range of subfloors, floorwise Pro-Screed Gold is a two-part smoothing and levelling compound that’s easy to use, says the company. Working over old adhesive residue, timber and the cracks, lumps and bumps of tired subfloors, Pro-Screed Gold is said to tackle various problems, leaving a floorcovering ready subfloor in four hours.

Setting in 90mins, the bag-and-bottle system offers a coverage thickness of two-12mm and bulked with aggregate, a thickness of up to 30mm is achievable. No matter how thickly floorwise Pro-Screed Gold is applied, the end-result is said to be the same: a subfloor that looks like new.

Andrew Gill, group product manager, says: ‘Pro-Screed Gold has been our most successful ever subfloor preparation product for good reason. It’s easy to work with and leaves a flawless result.
Fitters have come to love Pro-Screed Gold not only because of its quality of finish, but also its versatility – there’s not many situations that Pro-Screed Gold can’t handle.’

Moisture-tolerant and described by the company to be suitable for use over DPMs, Pro-Screed Gold doesn’t require a primer in many situations, making it ‘faster’ to use. It’s also said to be suitable for use with most underfloor heating systems. ‘Better yet, Pro-Screed Gold is included in the current floorwise 2023 Rewards promotion, now on at distributors across the UK and Ireland.’

The company adds: ‘With all these great benefits it’s no wonder that fantastic floors start with floorwise.’
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