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ProKnee custom-fit kneepads get silicone strap upgrade

PROKNEE says the Model 0714/0714E is backed by an ‘industry-leading eight patents and offers unmatched benefits with its patented shin support system that spreads weight across the length of the shins’.

This even weight distribution creates a centre of balance at the midpoint of the shins (rather than directly on the knees), which reduces pressure on the knee joint and forces the wearer to use proper kneeling techniques that reconditions, and preserves worn-out knees.

Continues the company: ‘The 0714 also utilises a knee pocket shape and flat bottom design that help to support the meniscus by stabilising the area around the knee-joint from excessive movement as weight is applied, which reduces joint wear-out and knee burn pain: the key to happy, healthy knees.

‘Additionally, this kneepad model comes in 18 lengths and two knee seat widths (standard & wide) to provide the wearer with a personalised fit that offers optimal comfort and performance.

‘Typically the Model 0714 with 1in cushions is used by flooring installers or other tradesmen that are either: on their knees for eight-plus hours a day, have existing knee problems or have undergone knee surgery, weigh 200+ lbs or who seek the best protection ProKnee brand kneepads has to offer. ‘However, some of our customers that have thinner legs or smaller builds (men and women alike) prefer the 5/8in when it comes to getting a better knee cup fit. The 5/8in cushions provide a deeper knee cup shape, but less cushioning.

‘Moulded in frame components make replacing parts easy, fast and economical as all parts are completely replaceable to extend the life of your pads. In most recent developments for 2023, ProKnee’s new 0714 straps were designed with silicone gripper elastic that allows the lock of their patented Smartlock Plus buckle to bite into the strap and achieve your perfect, secure fit with just a pull to prevent overtightening.

‘This ensures no slipping and no need to retighten. The SmartLock Plus Quick Release Buckle works in conjunction with the silicone strap to provide an ergonomic, larger format buckle that is easy on the fingers and works on all kneepad models past and present. ProKnee’s silicone straps and Smartlock Plus Buckle is proven to provide you with a comfortable fit you can work in all day long.’

Concludes ProKnee: ‘Since 1989, ProKnee has been servicing the needs of flooring installation and other construction professionals by offering a complete line of custom made custom-fit kneepads. Proudly manufactured in the US with more than nine patents granted referencing kneepads, two referencing construction tools specialising in floorcovering installation (the Treadman Multi Angle Stair Tread Cutting System and the GoofProof Wall Trimmer) and one more pending, ProKnee’s dedication to innovation is exemplified by their constant improvement of form, fit and function.’

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