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ProKnee develops one-size-fits-all kneepad

NEED a compact kneepad solution that provides comfort and support on those tight space jobs? The ProKnee Corporation has developed the AP16, which it describes as an all-purpose compact one-size-fits-all kneepad ‘that stays true to ProKnee’s fit, form and function principles by utilising their iconic knee pocket shape and flat bottom design’.

Says the company: ‘These features help to support the meniscus by stabilising the area around the knee joint from excessive movement as weight is applied, which reduces joint wear-out and knee burn pain: the key to happy, healthy knees.

‘Patented worldwide, this kneepad offers full protection and a lot of value for money. The pad’s safe, resilient, and replaceable cellular urethane cushions come in two cushion thickness options (5/8in and 1in) and successfully absorb shock out of day-to-day wear and tear from kneeling.’

The company continues: ‘Radius-on-frame perimeter ribbing provides maximum flexibility in extreme kneeling positions, while a slotted lower frame and live hinge create a ‘glove-like’ feeling on your knees. The AP16’s straps are adjustable and pre-angled to allow two different strap placement options to meet your desired comfort level.

‘And with ProKnee’s latest innovation, the patented SmartLock Plus Quick Release Buckles, your strap length is positively locked in so that they won’t loosen prematurely or twist and fall down. Additionally, all parts are completely replaceable to extend the life of your kneepads and maximize your investment.’

Concludes the company: ‘With various individual parts offerings (from buckles to liners to cushions) and parts kit options (complete rebuild kits at a fraction of the cost for a new pair of pads), you can rebuild the AP16 many times over to sustain your knees and your career for many years to come. See it in action on Youtube @Mr.ProKnee.’
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