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ProKnee introduces ‘new innovative strap design’

PROKNEE is offering a full line of professional grade knee protection to ‘supply you with the right kneepad for every job: from their full length, custom-fit Model 0714/0714E to its compact all-purpose kneepad, AP16’.

Says the company: ‘Both models help support the meniscus by stabilising the area around the knee joint from excessive movement as weight is applied, which reduces joint wear-out and knee burn pain: the key to happy, healthy knees.

‘In most recent developments for 2023, ProKnee’s new elastic straps were designed with robust ribbing that allows the patented lock of their Smartlock Plus buckle to bite into the strap and achieve your perfect, secure fit with just a pull. Mechanically locking in your fit ensures no slipping and no need to retighten.’

The SmartLock Plus Quick Release Buckle works in conjunction with the ribbed strap to provide an ergonomic, larger format buckle that’s easy on the fingers and works on all kneepad models past and present, says the company, adding that its ribbed straps & Smartlock Plus Buckle ‘is proven to provide you with a comfortable fit you can work in all day long’.

Since 1989, ProKnee says it’s been servicing the needs of flooring installation and other construction professionals by offering a complete line of custom-made, custom-fit kneepads.

‘Proudly manufactured in the US with over nine patents granted referencing kneepads, two referencing construction tools specialising in floorcovering installation (the Treadman Multi Angle Stair Tread Cutting System and the GoofProof Wall Trimmer) and one more pending, ProKnee’s dedication to innovation is exemplified by their constant improvement of form, fit and function.’
Order online: www.floormart.co.uk

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