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ProKnee Kneepads ‘can be rebuilt with replacement parts’

AS ‘leaders of personal protective equipment and efficiency worthy tools, ProKnee has been servicing the needs of floorcovering installation and other construction professionals since 1989. Our commitment to sustainability has always been about designing and producing durable kneepads built to last that can be repaired and rebuilt many times over with our comprehensive offering of individual replacement parts and parts kit options’.

Says the company: ‘We know the flooring industry can be tough, so by offering these options to our customers, the initial investment they make in purchasing ProKnee will last them for years down the road. Many of our customers have actually been on the same pair for 10, 15, 20-plus years through the use of our replacement parts/rebuild options.’

In theory, you may never need to buy a new pair of kneepads ever again, continues ProKnee. ‘Our modular design is protected by an industry-leading nine patents granted with one still pending and makes switching out worn-out parts simple, fast and cost effective. These pads were made to last – not to throw away.

‘Our replaceable custom laminated Cushion Inserts come in two thickness options (5/8in and 1in) and offer consistent compression spring-back to help absorb shock out of day-to-day wear-and-tear from kneeling.

‘Our replaceable 3-ply Rubber Boots are made from a rigorously tried and tested durable non-skid, non-marking material that stands up against your toughest of jobsites. Our new replaceable Tucked-In Liners wick away moisture and offer a snug, stay-in-place fit that extend longevity of use by keeping Cushion Inserts clean with an added layer of comfort.
‘Our wide & soft poly woven elastic Straps and patented Quick Release SmartLock Plus Buckles are replaceable and work together to automatically lock in your perfect strap length with just a pull, giving you a comfortable fit you can work in all day long.

‘Considering all of these parts, aside from the frames, are completely replaceable, your initial investment in ProKnee’s professional grade product can last you upwards of between 5-10 years, even 20 years with only occasional replacement of parts for a fraction of the cost of new and a great of value for money.’

As Instagrammer @StrongTowerCarpentry, Matt Balm puts it, ‘I can’t say enough on how awesome these kneepads are. Eight years of abuse and just now rebuilding them back to new. One of the best investments I’ve made for personal safety equipment. These took away the back pain I was experiencing while using every other pad I bought. That and every other kneepad I tried would last about six months before wearing out or gel shifting etc. Worth every penny!’

Continues the company: ‘The full length custom fit Model 0714/0714E and compact All Purpose AP16 kneepads stay true to ProKnee’s fit, form and function principles by utilising their iconic knee pocket shape and flat bottom design, which support the meniscus by stabilising the area around the knee joint from excessive movement as weight is applied and ultimately reducing joint wear-out and knee burn pain.

‘The critical difference between the two models is the Model 0714/0714E’s patented shin support system that spreads weight across the length of the kneepads to reduce pressure on the knee joint: the key to reconditioning and preserving worn out knees. Both models offer a complete line of replacement parts.’

Deciding when to rebuild your pads is a matter of preference. Most contractors go at least between one-two years before replacing any parts whatsoever. Liners and boots tend to get the toughest wear and therefore, are ProKnee’s most popular choice of replacement parts.

Says the company: ‘As long as the frame is in good condition (no breaks or cracks), ALL models of kneepads can be rebuilt at the factory or by purchasing a Complete Rebuild Kit and easily rebuilding them yourself. While all ProKnee kneepad models past and present can be rebuilt, it’s important to note all models have different fitting parts so make sure you know which model and what size kneepads you have when ordering. Not sure what size or what model you currently have? The ProKnee website can easily help you identify this information to ensure you get your upgrade right the first time!’

The company adds: ‘Most importantly, our pads aren’t just sustainable; they sustain you. As Ray Leigh of ProFloor in Southampton, England put it, ‘Your kneepads got me back to work after a knee injury many years ago. My doctor told me to find a new career, but after three months of wearing your pads my swollen knee had gone and the new career was a distant memory. I found you in a chat forum on knee injuries and thought I have nothing to lose… it was the best decision I’ve ever made.’ Similarly Bob Bay of IATSE 59 Stagehand in New Jersey, US, says, ‘I can honestly say I have logged 6m sq ft on my first pair. Twenty years doing carpet on concrete at a 66k sq ft convention hall… I’m on pair number two, but still bring out the old ones as they’re like old friends… ProKnee, happy I can still hike thanks to you.’

Concludes ProKnee: ‘Rest assured no matter when you bought your pads and no matter how many feet or kilometres you put on them, ProKnee’s kneepads, individual parts and parts kits will sustain your knees and career for many years to come.’
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