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ProKnee lauds its multi-angle tread cutting system

BY securely locking in each step and tread’s specific geometry, the Treadman Multi-Angle Stair Tread Cutting System by ProKnee reportedly acts as your template and cutting guide for ‘quick, accurate and perfectly cut stair treads every step of the way’.

ProKnee says the following about its product:
To get started, place Treadman ¼in from the salvage edge of material you are going to be cutting and cut three shims to be used as ‘thickness gauges’. Loosen all knobs on Treadman so all plates move freely, then insert the three thickness gauges/shims into the provided slots of the left, middle, and right nose plates. Tighten plates enough to hold the shims in place. This important step will help determine the depth of the cut.

Check to ensure all knobs are loose and plates move freely, then unclamp the frame lock and adjust the Treadman out until left front plate and right front plate are completely touching the wall on each side, ie, there should be no gaps between the plates and the wall.

Then clamp the frame lock down and tighten the knobs at both the left and right front plates to lock in the width.

Next, adjust the left nose plate until the plate is flush against the wall with no gaps (making sure your thickness gauge/shim is in place) and tighten the knob to lock in the plate. Repeat for right nose plate. Then tighten the knob at the middle front plate with the thickness gauge/shim in place.

Similarly, repeat this process for the left middle plate and then the left back plate. Additionally, ensure the left back plate is flush against the riser with no gaps. Repeat this process for the right middle plate and right back plate.

Next, take note of the measurement denoted on the tape measure where the clamp meets. We recommend writing it on a piece of tape stuck to the step. Additionally, write this measurement down on a piece of paper.

Unclamp the frame lock, slide the Treadman together and remove the thickness gauge/shims before you place it on the stair tread you’re going to be cutting. We recommend placing the thickness gauges on the next step so they’ll be ready to use when you come back.

Place the Treadman on the stair tread, expanding it to the measurement you previously took. Pro tip: add 1/16in to that measurement so the tread will fit nice and snug once cut. Clamp down the frame lock to secure this width.

Mark the depth of the step onto the tread (using the top of the left and right back plates as a guide) then use the wall edge of the plates as a cutting guide and make your cut into the stair tread material on the left and then the right.

Next remove the Treadman and align a straight edge with the two depth markings made in the prior step then make your finish cut.

Pro tip: Put a slight bevel on finish cut edges. Be sure to undercut and not to overcut.

Place tread on step and there you have a perfect fit without the use of tricky technical techniques or pattern scribing.

For stair treads with risers: Use the Treadman One Piece Step/Riser Template Kit to create perfectly cut stair treads with riser. Detailed instructional videos available at YouTube Channel @Mr.ProKnee.

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