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Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl ‘proving itself a great choice at Doors & Floors Direct’

WITH two stores in the northeast, Doors & Floors Direct is an independent retailer rooted in bricks and mortar flooring sales to homeowners across the area. Established in 2010 and now with stores in Benton, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne and in Tyne and Wear, the retailer reportedly has a wide customer base across the area, ‘offering the best in customer service with a local family feel’.

Doors & Floors Direct recently added Quick-Step’s Alpha Vinyl range to both stores. The rigid vinyl floor with built-in underlay is reportedly already proving a popular option in both stores.

Sam Scott, director, tells more: ‘We’ve been delighted by the success of Alpha Vinyl since we introduced it at both locations. Customers have been drawn to the range of planks, tiles and herringbone and they’ve been able to find a design that works well for them. It’s a range that’s good on capturing natural details with impressive realism and customers really like that. We’ve found it works particularly well alongside Illume, which offers homeowners something a little different in design.’

The new Alpha Vinyl collection features what’s described as an innovative surface structure ‘that redefines authentic vinyl flooring’. Whereas most vinyl floors have three or four depths of texture, selected designs in Alpha Vinyl Bloom now feature up to 75 depths.

This, says the company, means a floor that tracks the depth of every detail and a design that’s more realistic than any other vinyl on the market.

The company continues: ‘Alpha Vinyl’s practical features are also another reason for customers at Doors & Floors Direct to choose it. Not only do they get a scratch and stain-resistant surface that’s easy to maintain, but they also benefit from the attached underlay.

This high-quality underlay helps make Alpha Vinyl quieter and is precision made to fit seamlessly, so there’s no concerns about gaps underneath. Combined with Quick-Step’s innovative waterproof technology, Alpha Vinyl is a floor that delivers comfort and practicality.

‘The floor is clearly a quality item and is priced well,’ continues Sam Scott. ‘It’s also a dream to fit, particularly the Ciro herringbone collection. There’s no A and B planks so it’s a lot faster and easier to fit with much less wastage. All in all, deciding to stock Alpha Vinyl in store has quickly proven itself a great move.

‘Ciro is the Alpha Vinyl answer to herringbone flooring. The collection features a brand-new way to install vinyl herringbone floors with the innovative Unizip click profile. Unlike most systems that require two different planks, Unizip means that Ciro needs just one, allowing for a much simpler and faster installation.’

Concludes the company: ‘With new Ciro, Bloom, Blos and Oro (as well as Blos Base and Oro Base without underlay), the Alpha Vinyl range offers a captivating blend of made in Belgium vinyl floors that elevate homes with Quick-Step’s design excellence and product quality.’

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