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REGUPOL moisture vapour suppressant barrier ‘dries in 30 minutes’

ACOUSTIC insulation expert CMS Danskin Acoustics has introduced a moisture vapour suppressant barrier to aid speedy preparation of floors ready for the installation of acoustic materials and floorcoverings.

Says the company: ‘The ‘REGUPOL barrier 99-201’ dries in as little as 30 minutes, depending on environmental conditions, compared with other barriers which can take four hours or even longer.
The REGUPOL barrier is a ready-for-use, one part, water-based, low VOC liquid that acts as an effective damp-proof membrane for suppressing residual construction moisture and rising damp in cementitious floors including power-floated concrete and sand/cement screeds.’

The company adds: ‘The REGUPOL barrier allows for earlier floor installation. Poured concrete floors can take over a month to dry, but this barrier can be applied within three or four days. Floor measurement readings of up to 97% RH can be accommodated with the REGUPOL barrier. 97% equates to about 8.5% moisture content in sand/cement screed and 6% moisture content in concrete.’

‘This is a significant development in barrier technology,’ said Mark Metcalfe, CMS Danskin’s national commercial director. ‘In addition to the time saving of being able to apply the barrier within days of the floor being laid, this barrier’s cure time is about 30 minutes at 20deg C, depending on the subfloor and other environmental conditions.’

The barrier was developed for REGUPOL and CMS Danskin Acoustics by the Hybond Technology Group, specialists in adhesives, additives and coatings.

The company continues: ‘A rigorous raft of testing has demonstrated the REGUPOL barrier’s high bond strength to floors and to REGUPOL acoustic adhesives. The tests have also established the barrier and adhesives’ compatibility with REGUPOL acoustic products and a wide range of flooring.
Coverage is about 25sq m per five litre unit, so the barrier is cost effective compared with other barrier products.

‘Simple to use, REGUPOL barrier 99-201 doesn’t require mixing, so avoids potential product variability, and is applied with a roller. Colour change technology demonstrates when the product is ready for the next stage of floor preparation. The barrier is white when wet, blue/grey on application and translucent when dry.’

CMS Danskin says it offers free training for installers in the application of the REGUPOL barrier, adhesives and acoustic materials system.

The REGUPOL barrier is designed to work with a full surface coating of either REGUPOL adhesive 43-105 or 46-101 as part of the installation of acoustic flooring systems.

‘REGUPOL adhesive 46-101 is the latest development in hybrid polymer technology formulated to the highest levels of performance in terms of bond strength, versatility across many combinations of materials, resistance to stresses, fast-curing and ease of use. It has excellent high and low temperature resistance so is suitable for underfloor heating, underfloor cooling and floors exposed to temperature extremes.

‘REGUPOL adhesive 43-105 is a solvent-free acrylic emulsion-based adhesive for bonding many sound insulation materials to common floors and many floor finishes to the insulation.’

The REGUPOL barrier and adhesives 46-101 and 43-105 are compatible with underfloor heating, says the company.

Part of SIG, CMS Danskin Acoustics produces and sources insulation products advising on matters relating to soundproofing materials and noise reduction strategies, including floors, ceilings and walls, to combat airborne and impact noise. Notable projects include the Bank of England, the Royal Shakespeare Theatre and The Shard.

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