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‘Say yes to the start of fantastic floors with Pro-Screed’

SAY ‘yes’ to versatile levelling and smoothing with the expanded Pro-Screed range from Floorwise that’s the start of a fantastic floor, says the company.

It says: ‘The popularity of Pro-Screed Gold has made it the best-selling Floorwise subfloor preparation product ever and with a newly expanded range, the Pro-Screed name is set to become a firm favourite with contractors, retailers and installers looking for a range of versatile smoothing and levelling compounds.

‘Setting new standards in moisture-tolerant smoothing and levelling, Pro-Screed Ultra is rapid setting and can be walked in just 80 minutes. It’s capable of receiving resilient floors in just three hours and ceramic tiles can be laid in only two hours. Pro-Screed Ultra can be poured over old adhesive residue and DPMs and no priming is required on most subfloors.’

The company adds: ‘Fibre-reinforced for strength and flexibility, the new water-based Pro-Screed Xtra leveller is suitable for most subfloors. With excellent flow and a super-fine finish, it’s an exceptionally versatile leveller that’s also moisture tolerant so can be used above or beneath DPMs. Just like Pro-Screed Ultra, it can be walked in 80 minutes and has an install time of just three hours, making it a true all-rounder.’

Floorwise continues: ‘As a plus, Floorwise has ensured Pro-Screed Ultra and Pro-Screed Xtra use the latest chemical technology for a non-hazardous formulation that’s more versatile with great open and setting times, and one that’s less harmful for the installer.

‘Already proven as a firm fitter favourite, Pro-Screed Gold is the versatile, rapid setting levelling compound that can be walked on in 90 minutes and is ready for floors in just four hours (three hours for ceramic tiles). Again, no priming is needed on most subfloors and Pro-Screed Gold can be flowed over old adhesive residue and DPMs.’

The company continues: ‘When a cost-effective levelling solution is needed and drying times aren’t critical, new Pro-Screed Dura’s excellent flow and super fine finish makes it a go-to option that delivers great value on all kinds of project.

‘For patch repairs, then Pro-Screed Feather should be the choice. The rapid setting, smoothing and patch repair compound is suitable for application up to 3mm in thickness. With excellent adhesion properties, Pro-Screed Feather can be used on top of flooring grade timber floors to ensure a perfectly flat and smooth surface ready for luxury vinyl tiles.’

Says Floorwise: ‘The newly improved Pro-Screed range also features two fast-drying primers in Pro-Screed Prime and Pro-Screed Prime & Grab. Prime is for use with porous surfaces while the textured finish of Prime & Grab is for use on non-porous surfaces. Both are compatible with all Pro-Screed smoothing and levelling compounds and ensure the speed of installation is not compromised.’

The company concludes: ‘The Pro-Screed range has been formulated for consistent application time after time across a wide range of site conditions. Creating a reliable subfloor that’s the start of a fantastic floor, the updated Pro-Screed range is now available from Floorwise distributors across UK and Ireland.’
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