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Sika launches ‘industry-first’ thin-layer screed system for damaged or contaminated flooring

BUILDING products manufacturer Sika has launched a pioneering thin-layer screed system that it says can be applied to surfaces beyond the capability of traditional screed solutions and helps avoid the deconstruction and reinstatement of existing subfloors.

Said the company: ‘With a minimum layer thickness of only 14mm, Schönox Renotex 3D is thought to offer the thinnest floating screed in the world. The hybrid system comprises a patented mesh which in combination with Schönox HS 50 – a low-stress hybrid levelling compound – allows for the application of extremely thin layers of screed. Despite its slender composition, the screed retains a supremely hardwearing and heavy-duty consistency.

‘The Schönox Renotex 3D’s hybrid cement and gypsum composition inspires its rapid-install, fast-curing, super-strong performance, enabling it to be walkable in just two hours and flooring-ready in two days. Pumpable, with minimum shrinkage and excellent self-levelling properties, the system’s high load and live load capacity makes it ideal for contaminated flooring or ageing concrete unable to take traditional coatings.’

Other benefits of the Schönox Renotex 3D reportedly include:

  • Improved heat transmission for underfloor heating
  • Minimises thickness and weight with fire insulation
  • Provides impact and sound reduction

Gavin White, marketing and product manager at Sika said: ‘Schönox Renotex 3D is another Sika product that lives up to our reputation for innovation. We believe it will prove itself an asset to customers and the construction industry as a whole, as it provides the versatility, strength and support that is out of reach to most screed systems.’

For more information on the Schönox Renotex 3D thin-layer screed system, visit:

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