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Snickers Workwear releases ‘Head to Toe’ layering system

YOU’LL get ‘head to toe’ functionality and protection with Snickers Workwear’s ergonomic base layers, insulating mid layers and weather-protective outer layer clothing, says the company.

It adds: ‘They not only allow craftsmen and craftswomen to quickly adjust to changing weather conditions, but also give them the opportunity to make sustainable choices about the clothes they wear onsite.

‘This winter’s new jackets, trousers and topwear feature high-tech, breathable fabrics that not only deliver dryness and warmth but also advanced ventilation for controlling body heat – so you can always work effectively, whatever the weather.’

The company concludes: ‘Advanced fabrics like these are integral to every part of Snickers Workwear’s ‘Head to Toe’ layering system. They combine perfectly with the brand’s hallmarks of best-in-class durability, comfort, ergonomics, and sustainability.’
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