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Snickers Workwear’s new Integrated Kneepad System is ‘a world first’

IN what it describes as probably the most groundbreaking Work Trouser and Knee Guard innovation, Snickers Workwear has launched ‘the world’s first built-in, certified kneepads which are completely integrated into a pair of Snickers Workwear’s premium stretch Trousers’.

Says the company: ‘Delivering low-profile impact protection, the AllroundWork, Stretch Trousers with Capsulised Kneepads are an innovative combination of cutting-edge sportswear technology coupled with well-established workwear know-how.

‘They’re ideal for craftsmen and women onsite; for people in logistics and warehousing; industry, engineering and maintenance who are constantly on the move and want the continuous protection of welded-into-place Kneepads.’

Designed and engineered in partnership with YBC, the Capsulized kneepad components comprise six protection layers that reportedly work with each other to dissipate the energy created by the impact of working on your knees or through bumps in the workplace.

Concludes Snickers: ‘They deliver effective durability combined with penetration protection, as well as additional impact absorption, pressure release and enhanced comfort. And, as is typical of all Snickers Workwear clothing, these stretch Work Trousers with the lightweight Capsulized kneepads will provide in-place ergonomic protection all day, every day.’

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