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‘Stable, precise, ergonomic’ hot air blower holder for hand-welding

THE new EASYFLOOR from Leister reportedly holds all Leister hot air hand-blowers in the TRIAC product line – TRIAC AT, TRIAC ST, Energy HT1 600 and 600 D.

Says Welwyn Tool Group: ‘The EASYFLOOR hot air blower holder ensures precise and stable nozzle position and hot air blower guidance when closing joints in PVC, linoleum, and rubber flooring. It’s a support for short, repetitive hand-welding jobs less than 1.5m.

‘Thanks to the adjustable angle and precise guidance of the TRIAC hot air blower, users achieve constant welding zone preheating and increased weld quality during manual welding, avoiding inconstant angles and twisting which can harm the top coating of the flooring membrane and lead to insufficient weld quality.’

The company continues: ‘The EASYFLOOR holder boasts lever fixation that allows the lever to lock while carrying the tool around and a stable rest position with two spacers that ensure the tool stands securely when not in use. The slim design on the Leister EASYFLOOR allows welding close to edges, walls and objects. Its ergonomic hand position reduces fatigue on forearms and wrists during longer manual floor welding operations, further ensuring precision and weld quality.’

The Leister EASYFLOOR helps professionals, beginners and anyone in-between who wants to achieve a safe welding position and higher welding quality when hand welding, says the company.

The company concludes: ‘Developed by Leister – the leading name in plastic welding applications, the EASYFLOOR is supplied to the UK by Welwyn Tool Group. Welwyn supply the full range of Leister plastic welding and industrial process heat equipment and offers highly competent technical support by their team of dedicated engineers.’
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