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Styling the Fifth Wall with Havwoods

THE fifth wall, or ceiling, can often be overlooked when designing a space and is commonly designed with safe, neutral colours. It can however have a huge impact on the overall look and feel of a room. ‘From rustic boards packed with personality to contemporary on-trend panelling, leading wood surface specialist, HAVWOODS, provides an array of bold options for homeowners, interior designers, architects and more,’ says the company.

Yolande Meyer, purchasing & product development manager at Havwoods, explains the significance of the fifth wall and how it can naturally elevate and enhance a property.

Customisation opportunities
The ceiling provides you with the opportunity to significantly impact the aesthetic of your space. By directing your attention upwards, you can create a focal point that will set the tone for the entire room and naturally draw the eye up, helping a space feel taller. It offers you a blank canvas for customisation, contributing to something that goes beyond the traditional focus of walls and floors. By opting for materials such as wood surfaces, you are instantly adding character and warmth to the space, as well as texture for a natural and inviting feel.

Adding a new dimension to surfaces, the new Elegante Veneers range offers a versatile and eye-catching aesthetic that is a superior choice for the fifth wall. These 3-dimensional panels come in a range of different styles, from Costato to Frestato and Ondato, each providing flexibility in shape and installation, leaving a glamorous and stunning appeal to all abodes.

Durability and longevity
The timeless appeal of wood ensures that a ceiling can be made stylish and relevant for years to come, making it an enduring and aesthetically pleasing architectural addition to any space. Wooden surfaces can also be treated with finishes and coatings, to enhance its resistance, further contributing to its longevity and lifespan.

Havwoods offers a range of stylish and robust options, such as the Vertical and Relik ranges, that each deliver a truly rustic edge with peace of mind in its construction. Designs such as the new Hushwood Fibre panels are also particularly efficient. Made from 100% natural materials and composed of wood, water and fibre, the result is a 25mm thick panel that has superior sound insulation and absorption materials – perfect for busy homes or commercial spaces.

Texture and visual interest
Unlike walls and floors, the ceiling is often seen as an unexpected surface for design exploration. By introducing textures such as wood panelling, the ceiling becomes a focal point that adds depth and complexity to the overall aesthetic. With wood planks coming in many shapes and sizes, you can create a truly decorative and unique feel to interiors with herringbone or chevron patterns to name a few. You can even consider introducing wood boards to the backs of your stairs for an architectural and interesting finish. Not only will they enhance the look of the space, but they will also create a cohesion from top to bottom.

Working beyond the floor, Havwoods’ Vertical and PurePlank collections are both visually diverse and perfect for adding textural appeal. Vertical in particular comprises new and reclaimed planks, both solid and engineered, all milled to 21st century tolerances, providing a suitable and robust option for modern abodes. While a more affordable approach can be taken with PurePlank, a triple-layered engineered board, which features a solid oak surface bonded to two layers of softwood, delivering style and stability to both commercial and residential spaces.

With an array of flooring and surface coverings to perfectly complement any home, Havwoods’ varied collection combines the best in style and functionality, offering both traditional and contemporary designs in a range of colours, patterns and materials. The dedicated and knowledgeable team works closely with every customer to ensure every detail of their project is met.

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