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‘Superb range of mats ready to keep entrances looking tip-top’

THE entrance matting collection from floorwise provides, says the company, a superb range of mats ready to keep entrances looking tip-top.

The company says: ‘With traditional coir, fibre-bonded polypropylene, and heavy-duty nylon scraper mats, your local floorwise distributor is ready to fulfil almost any domestic or commercial matting requirement so you can make sure newly installed floors stay looking great.

‘Proving popular as an all-round solution for domestic duty, floorwise coir matting makes for a great add-on sale for new floors in hallways and kitchens with external doorways. Excellent at scraping dirt from the bottom of soles and looking smart when installed into a mat well, floorwise coir matting features a waterproof vinyl back to protect floorcoverings and retain moisture within the matting until removal. Most popular in natural, coir matting is also available in a range of colour-fast colours.

‘In flat or rib styles, Java is a 100% polypropylene synthetic coir mat that’s ideal for tackling a range of entrance duties. With the crumb rubber backed Flat and latex backed Rib, it can tackle use in contract environments, so perfect for smaller public and commercial buildings looking for a natural look.’

floorwise continues: ‘For heavy-duty commercial use, Alba’s scraper filaments are made from hollow polyamide for excellent water absorbency that ensures excellent dirt and moisture removal performance through all seasons.

‘In a range of practical colours, the two-metre wide mat is ready for public and commercial entrances. Granati is a heavier weight of the polyamide mat that comes in five colours. For lighter duty applications, the contract grade of Viking brings the performance of 100% polyamide in four shades.

‘Made from polypropylene with a latex backing, Mat Rib and Mat Noppa are a low-cost solution for scraper duties in contract projects. Ideal for smaller public and commercial buildings, such as community centres, village halls, nurseries and small primary schools, Mat Rib and Mat Noppa come in a variety of colours in 100 and 200cm widths.’

The floorwise entrance matting range is available from distributors across the UK and Ireland, with a presenter listing colours, sizes and options now available.

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