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Sustainably responsible safety footwear ‘to improve your carbon footprint’

EMMA says it’ll help you reduce your carbon footprint – by supplying safety footwear that’s completely made from a combination of recycled materials and materials that are recyclable. ‘This ‘100% Circular’ footwear offering is changing the lifecycle of safety footwear as EMMA steps up to be an active part of individual and corporate sustainability programmes.’

Every product in the EMMA range is said to be safe for the environment with a ‘100% ‘circular’ manufacturing, usage-mapping and recycling process for every shoe and boot produced under the EMMA brand – which is described by the company as the supply-chain partner which is ‘totally committed to sustainability and reducing waste’.

The company continues: ‘For buyers and specifiers in all industry sectors including construction and manufacturing, logistics and warehousing, office and retail, hospitality and medical, EMMA safety footwear will make a double-headed contribution to their businesses – a value for money investment in workforce-wellbeing and a commitment to improving corporate social impact.’

Concludes the company: ‘Part of the Hultafors Group portfolio of market-leading PPE brands, EMMA complements the Solid Gear and Toe Guard safety footwear ranges by including all the Hultafors Group hallmarks of hi-tech designs that combine top quality materials for ultimate comfort, maximum safety and wellbeing at work.’
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