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‘The better way to meet standards’

LION Floor is described as the thinner, more versatile alternative to BS-compliant plywood.
British Standards stipulate that a 6mm (nom) plywood should be used for the installation of resilient floorcoverings, but with the high-density engineered hardboard of LION Floor, you can opt for a 4.8mm thick board and still comply with BS 8203, says the company.

‘Owing to LION Floor’s high-grade construction that’s denser and more rigid than plywood, similar strength can be achieved with a thinner board, so British Standards and CFA guidance allow for the use of 4.8mm thick LION Floor as an alternative to 6mm (nom.) plywood.

‘Helping to minimise floor height, this makes LION Floor ideal for refurbishment projects where floor to ceiling height or consistent floor levels are crucial. It also helps to reduce the amount of material used in the subfloor.

‘Not only is LION Floor thinner than plywood, it also comes in a wider range of board sizes. In easy to handle sheets (4’x2’ and 4’x3’), LION Floor is suitable when access is tight or installing floorcoverings smaller rooms. And for jobs where size isn’t such an issue, sheets are also available in 6’, 8’, 9’, 10’ x 4’ for faster installation.’

Continues the company: ‘LION Floor is installed in exactly the same way as plywood, so despite its size advantages there’s no specialist knowledge needed to fit it. Unlike plywood, LION Floor can also be cleanly cut with a knife, so it can help to cut down on dust and noise in sensitive environments like schools and healthcare.’

‘Other than habit, the arguments for choosing BS 8203 compliant plywood over LION Floor are extremely limited,’ says Peter Jones, Finnish Fibreboard. ‘The board has the reliability and durability needed for working to British Standards. Designed for flooring and without changes to installation methods, once you’ve tried LION Floor we’re confident you’ll be saying goodbye to plywood.’

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