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The biggest flooring trends of 2021

ALTHOUGH late 2020 saw the introduction of a vaccine, it’s uncertain when it will be widely available. With this in mind, pandemic proofing is just one of the trends that will continue in 2021. Paragon Carpet Tiles shares its predictions.

Practicality is king
As contractors look to abide by the latest rules and regulations, practicality will reign supreme. Studies show practical pedestrian flow systems are one of the best ways to reduce personal contact between individuals. ‘Our Guide carpet tile range helps create a safe setting.’

Contrasting colours
Although by no means a new trend, we predict in 2021, neutral tones and vibrant colours will fight to contrast against each other. This is a useful way to emphasise flooring borders, zones and pathways in a building. ‘Our carpet tiles can be easily lifted and interchanged to create this effect.’

Carpet tiles crazes
Carpet tiles will remain popular in 2021 for their versatile, durable and movable properties. They can be lifted and interchanged with ease and can be installed and removed with minimal disruption.

Paragon Carpet Tiles says it’s one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of design-led commercial carpet tiles. For more information about its new ‘Guide’ range, use the below details.
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