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‘The low carbon alternative’

LION Floor is described as the low carbon footprint alternative to plywood and HDF subfloors that locks in more carbon.

As it works towards presenting the results of its third-party certified carbon footprint assessment, manufacturer of LION Floor, Finnish Fibreboard, has teased early findings that reportedly suggest the credentials of the engineered fibreboard as a low carbon alternative to plywood and HDF flooring underlayment.

‘In fact,’ it says, ‘results indicate that LION Floor has a minimum 50% lower carbon footprint* compared to plywood and MDF boards. Thanks to its locally sourced raw materials and ability to lock-in carbon thanks to its high wood density and no added chemicals, LION Floor performs significantly better than alternative materials under lifecycle analysis.’

LION Floor has reportedly been compared against other high quality European made boards and said to have been found the choice for anyone looking to make more sustainable decisions in the products they use to install resilient floorings.

Peter Jones, Finnish Fibreboard, says: ‘Using by-product from wood processing and with the raw material coming from Finland’s PEFC certified forests, we’ve always had a ‘local is best’ approach to material use. All of our wood can also be traced from forest to finished board and what we can’t process, we turn to biofuel as a production energy source.

‘With local sourcing and full traceability, as well as efficient production, we know that our boards are made with consideration for the environment. Our commitment to independently verifying our carbon footprint will help specifiers, contractors, retailers and independent installers make a better choice with confidence.’

The company adds: ‘Alongside, LION Floor’s high wood density locks in carbon for the lifetime of its use, keeping it out of the atmosphere and amplifying wood’s ability to act as a carbon sink. Finnish Fibreboard is also careful to minimise the use of water and production wastewater is made free of contaminants through evaporation technology. It monitors water emissions weekly and is regulated by Finland’s Environmental Protection Act, which prevents pollution and conserves a varied ecological system.

‘These efforts make LION Floor one of the most environmentally friendly hardboards for flooring produced today. Finnish Fibreboard has commissioned an independent company to carry out its lifecycle analysis and findings are currently being independently certified. Full findings of the report will be published once this process has been completed.’
*Awaiting independent third-party certification

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