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The Superman of Flooring

LION Floor is described by the company as a cost-effective and sustainable pre-conditioned engineered fibreboard alternative to BS 8203 plywood for resilient floor installations. For one floor store in Frodsham, Cheshire it’s become more, achieving ‘superhero’ status.

Lee Rodgers, owner of Rodgers Carpets picks up the story of why he’s made the move to LION Floor for all his resilient flooring installations:
‘I first saw LION Floor at the National Flooring Show and was drawn to it because you could screed directly onto it without having to pre-treat. When it became available through my local IDS branch, I couldn’t wait to give it a try, particularly as it was significantly cheaper than the BS standard plywood I usually used.

‘The big advantage of LION Floor is it gives a clean installation. There’s no significant dust and certainly no splinters, and the clean working area impresses customers. It’s also superhero strong. Heavy items bounce off it and it doesn’t dent like plywood – it’s the Superman of flooring.’

LION Floor’s recently improved supply chain has allowed Lee Rodgers to make the switch away from plywood. The store owner fits LION Floor monthly, generally choosing the 8inx4in option, though appreciates the 4inx2in sheets for their ‘easy handling and manoeuvrability’ in smaller rooms.
Lee continues: ‘The Tilemaster Pro Flow screed we use flows nicely over LION Floor, and I’m a complete convert. I’m such a fan that when it came to installing several new floors in my own house, over a mix of wooden and concrete subfloors, there was only one substrate for the job – LION Floor. What better endorsement when my customer’s question its choice than saying I’ve used it in my own home?’

Building on its rapid growth in availability throughout 2022, installers can enjoy a reliable supply of LION Floor pre-conditioned engineered fibreboard.

The company concludes: ‘With a construction that eliminates the core gaps and overlaps commonly found in plywood, there’s no doubting LION Floor is the high-quality and reliable alternative to BS 8203 plywood.’

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