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Tools that ‘strike balance between precision, sharpness, durability’

A NEWLY extended award-winning range of HDC Chisels from Hultafors reportedly now has a superior ergonomic design and 11 different blade widths up to 40mm.

Says the company: ‘HDC Chisels are designed for jobs onsite that need strength and precision for accurate chiselling work. The blades are forged using a steel formula into a one-piece I-beam construction for strength and rigidity with a robust profile for extreme breaking strength and a design that maximises power transmission downwards through the tool.’

Additional features include an ergonomic Santoprene handle with an impact-resistant nylon striker that can be replaced when worn down.

The entire blade, including the handle, can be placed flat against the surface which allows you to cut parallel to a flat surface, says the company. The chisels are supplied with holsters that protect the cutting edge to prevent damage or possible injury when handling in toolboxes.
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