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UltraFloor: Build your screed with speed

ULTRAFLOOR says it’s delighted to present the flooring market with Screed IT UltraCem, which it describes as the time-saving alternative to sand and cement.

Traditionally, sand, cement and water are used to build a new screed from scratch. By using these materials, screeders are able to build up an even, deep concrete slab which is reportedly ready to receive a floorcovering after about 28 days.

Time is money and waiting 28 days for the screed to be ready is often too long if project deadlines are to be met. Screeders are usually the last trade onsite and therefore feel the most pressure to save time and meet the desired completion date.

With this in mind, UltraFloor says it’s excited to announce the launch of their latest flooring innovation – Screed IT UltraCem – a product that it says is guaranteed to save you time and money.

Continues the company: ‘Screed IT UltraCem is a fibre modified hydraulic binder, which can replace general cement, and when mixed with graded aggregates and water will produce a rapid drying high strength screed which is ready to receive floor finishes such as ceramic/natural stone tiles, wood, lino, carpet etc between just 24 hours and four days – a huge difference compared to the 28 days needed for traditional methods.

‘Suitable for internal and external applications, Screed IT UltraCem is fibre reinforced for added strength, which means you don’t need to purchase fibres separately to get the same structural benefits.’

What’s more, says UltraFloor, Screed IT UltraCem has been tailored to meet the needs of the UK flooring industry and is approved for use with 4mm graded aggregate if following its recommended mix designs.

Concludes UltraFloor: ‘Screed IT UltraCem is widely available through UltraFloor’s extensive distribution network. For further details of this innovative product, to place an order, or to find your nearest stockist, contact UltraFloor by using the below contact details.’
01827 254402

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