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‘Worry-free waterproof floors’ with Alpha Vinyl

QUICK-STEP Alpha Vinyl comes with Hydroseal and Uniclic technologies for a 100% waterproof luxury vinyl floor, says the company.

Hydroseal is Quick-Step’s water-repellent coating that was originally developed for its range of laminate floors, reportedly making them water-resistant and easier to clean.

Stopping water from penetrating the surface, the technology is also available on Alpha Vinyl, Quick-Step’s premium luxury vinyl floors. Across the range, it’s said Hydroseal combines with the precision Uniclic (Unizip for herringbone) joint for a surface that water can’t penetrate and to make Alpha Vinyl 100% waterproof.

‘What’s more,’ says the company, ‘thanks to the hygroscopic properties of Hydroseal, marks and spills don’t cling to the surface of Alpha Vinyl and with excellent stain-resistance too, cleaning has never been so easy. Waterproof, easy to clean and with Scratch Guard, which protects against scratches better than any similar vinyl product on the market today, Alpha Vinyl is wonderfully simple to live with.’

The company continues: ‘Featuring Quick-Step’s Uniclic system on standard planks and tiles, or new Unizip for herringbone patterns, the floor is also impressively fast to install and with its high quality integrated underlay, it can be laid without a separate underlay or extra preparation across a range of subfloor conditions and types. Precisely engineered, the underlay eliminates gaps and forms a barrier against sound, making Alpha Vinyl quieter and enhancing the already excellent acoustics from its multi-layer construction.’

The company adds: ‘Comfort is also another feature of Alpha Vinyl. Warm and soft to the touch, there’s nowhere these floors can’t go. Bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, living spaces and hallways: with Alpha Vinyl rooms will enjoy a floor that’s waterproof, easy to clean, scratch resistant, quiet and comfortable.’

Expertly designed and produced in Belgium in a range of natural wood and stone designs, Alpha Vinyl combines robust practical features with exquisite surface detailing, for worry-free, high-performing, beautiful floors, concludes the company.

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