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‘X-TREME’ 4-Way Stretch flexible comfort from Engel Workwear

Reportedly recognised for its comprehensive range of well-fitting, stylish and practical workwear, Danish manufacturer ENGEL builds further on its reputation in the UK with the success of its ‘X-Treme’ 4-Way Stretch work trousers.

Designed to allow as much flexibility as possible while kneeling or bending, the slim-fit trousers feature a 4-way stretch ‘breathable’, cooling fabric which quickly absorbs and dries light perspiration.

The kneepad pockets are reinforced with hardwearing Kevlar Teramid and have two options for pad height adjustment; in addition to the many useful pockets for keeping essential tools and accessories immediately to hand, some of which have either Velcro or zip closures; optional hanging tool pockets can be attached to the waist; the trousers also have extra deep hems so that lengths can be increased if required.

Made from 73% nylon, 17% cotton and 10% elastine, the ‘Engel X-Treme 4-Way Stretch’ work trousers are available in a various colour combinations and in all popular sizes. Available to purchase directly from: www.wtc-workwear.co.uk.
For more details contact Gareth Bladen.

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