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Creating a majestic profile

HAVING opened for business in 1900, at a time when Queen Victoria was still alive, and Britain was fighting the Anglo-Boer War and hadn’t yet entered World War I, the Majestic hotel is set in eight acres of land and boasts 170 rooms, along with eight large function rooms.

Bartram Flooring Services was employed as the flooring contractor for refurbishments in the hotel. Part of the work involved fitting stair-nosings on the luxurious staircases inside the hotel. The stair-nosings would have to be hardwearing to deal with the huge amount of footfall from guests and conference visitors. They’d also need to be highly slip-resistant and fit well with the floorcoverings to help prevent slips, trips and falls. The stair-nosings also needed to blend in with the sophisticated setting of the hotel.

Bartram Flooring Services contacted Quantum Flooring Solutions, requesting the free QSMS measuring service. The QSMS ensured a Quantum surveyor came to the hotel in the next 48 hours and measured every step length. The surveyor suggested Quantum’s HB157 profile with Anodised Gold colouring would fit in with the elegant décor.

A satin finish was used on the stair-nosings in order to reduce the potential for glare, in line with Building Regulations. The carpet on the staircase is thick, so the HG1 Nap Trim, also in Anodised Gold, was used to minimise the chance of trips when using the stairs.

A black tread infill was used in the stair-nosings, to make the step noses stand out from the light coloured carpets.

Quantum’s stair-nosings were fitted on the staircases in the hotel, reportedly with minimum fuss. This was said to have been due to the professionalism of Bartham Flooring Services, and the accuracy of the electronic QSMS measuring service.

Said Quantum: ‘The Anodised Gold stair-nosings look great and fit perfectly with the stately opulence of the hotel. The HB157 profiles, along with the HG1 Nap Trims pinning down the carpet on the step treads, minimise the potential for trips and falls on the staircase. Meanwhile, Quantum’s slip-resistant tread material reduces the possibility of slips.

‘The hotel received top-class service from Bartram Flooring Services along with high quality stair-nosings from Quantum Flooring Solutions. The stair-nosings in the hotel will be looking great and helping keep its guests safe for many years to come.’

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