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Distribution – Amazon – Entrance matting

Amazon is one of the largest companies in the world, with over 1.6 million employees. It operates 185 distribution warehouses, or fulfilment centres, around North America and Europe. From these centres, Amazon staff pack and distribute products for its 200 million worldwide customers.

A new Amazon fulfilment centre was opening in Knowsley, Liverpool. As part of the project, around 80m² of matting would need to be fitted in the entrance to the building. The matting needed to be hard wearing, and highly effective at removing dirt and debris from feet and wheels to handle the traffic of the many workers at the centre.

The Approach

B & F Flooring was the flooring contractor appointed to the project. They contacted
Quantum Flooring to discuss which entrance matting would be best suited for the
Amazon fulfilment centre. It was decided that The Belgravia Matting System with black textile inserts would be ideal for the job.

The Belgravia is a durable entrance matting which is suitable for both foot and
trolley traffic. It is fitted with tufted nylon, which is fixed inside deep
profile aluminium scraper treads. This maximises the dirt and debris which is
removed from foot and wheeled traffic. The detritus is then captured by the
closed construction of the matting system, making it simple to clean.

Quantum’s Supply and Fit service was used to install The Belgravia. This meant that
Quantum technicians measured the entrance area, and had the matting cut to the
exact size to fit the 80m² of matwells. They then fitted the entrance matting, ensuring that The Belgravia sat neatly within the recesses.

The Outcome

The Belgravia Entrance Matting System looks fantastic in the Knowsley Fulfilment Centre. Because the matting area is very wide, the mats had to be fitted in a few pieces, with separate matwells for each part. Quantum’s technicians did this in such a way that it looks like one continuous system.

This matting system helps to keep dirt and moisture from entering the building. The Belgravia protects the flooring beyond the matting itself, preventing it from becoming scuffed and worn before its time. It also helps to keep the Amazon workers safe, minimising the chance of slips and falls due to mud or rain which could otherwise be tracked into the warehouse.

As The Belgravia is so hard wearing and easy to clean, it will be functioning at the Amazon fulfilment centre for many years to come. In fact, a 10-year guarantee is available with this entrance matting, for the peace of mind of both B & F Flooring and Amazon themselves. 

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