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Middlesbrough College, Middlehaven, Middlesbrough

Middlesbrough College is the largest college in Teesside, with around 16,000 students. It is located on one campus in Middlehaven on Middlesbrough’s riverfront. The main college building has won numerous design awards as a landmark project in the regeneration of the area.

GM Contracts was hired as the flooring contractor for a refurbishment of Middlesbrough College. This project involved fitting 900 metres of stair nosing on the staircases. The stair nosing would need to be durable and reliable, in order to deal with the large amount of foot traffic throughout the campus. It would also need to fit in with the modern architectural style of the college.

As the building is an educational establishment, safety was the paramount concern for the project. Therefore, the stair nosings would need to incorporate slip resistant material and be easy to clean, to prevent dirt build-ups becoming slip hazards. They would also need to minimise the possibility of trips and falls. This meant they needed to fit closely to the gauge of the floorcovering, while contrasting in colour to ensure the step edges were clearly defined.

The Approach

GM Contracts contacted Quantum Flooring, and Q-Range DUO was chosen as the stair nosing for the project. This profile is ideal for specification, as it follows the guidelines in BS8300:2:2018, The Equality Act, and Parts M and K of Building Regulations.

Q-Range DUO measures 55 by 55mm on the tread and riser, which is regarded as best practice for stair nosings. It offers a solid colour over both surfaces, making the step edge highly visible. This is very important in an educational building, where students with impaired vision must be encouraged that they can move freely through their environment.

Q-Range DUO has an all over tread design, combined with a slip resistant tread material. It is available in three versions, meaning that it can be combined with virtually any floorcovering. These features ensured that the risks of slips, trips and falls would be minimised on Middlesbrough College’s stairways.

The Outcome

GM Contracts fitted the Q-Range DUO profile QRd-SF153 in Middlesbrough College campus. This profile is designed for flat fronted steps, with a thin floorcovering. This meant that it was ideal to go with the LVT tiles in the college. White inserts were used in the profile. This contrasts with the dark floorcovering, ensuring that the step edges are clearly defined.

The stair nosings were fitted with Q-Fix adhesive. This fully bonds stair nosings to most step surfaces, with no need for screws and plugs. With Q-Range DUO there are no dirt traps, so removing the need for plugs means that the stair nosings are simple to keep clean. This is vital in a busy environment where the build-up of dirt can create hazards.

The Q-Range DUO stair nosings look great in Middlesbrough College. They are a specifiers dream, as they adhere to all safety guidelines. Thanks to Quantum and GM Contracts, Middlesbrough College students can navigate the stairways on their campus with confidence.

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