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Office – Albion Mills – Topclip Transitions

Albion Mills is a high-end, purpose-built office complex near Willerby Shopping Park in Hull. It is a two-storey building, with numerous office suites for businesses to utilise.

The custodians of Albion Mills planned to revitalise the interior of the offices. The new-look space would need a design with an understated colour scheme, which would be suitable for a working environment. This would include resilient flooring in parts, with carpet tiles adjacent to it. To link the vinyl and carpeted areas, a flooring transition would be needed.

The flooring transition would need to bridge the gap between the two floorcoverings, incorporating the different thicknesses of the resilient and carpeted flooring without creating a trip or slip hazard. The design of the new offices called for the transition to be curved into different shapes, meaning that they would need to be suitable to curve on-site.

The Approach

Floors Hull were appointed as the flooring contractor for the refurbishment. After deciding on the floorcoverings they would use for the project, they needed a flooring transition that would link the two together. Floors Hull decided that Quantum Flooring Solutions’ TopClip transitions range would offer the best option.

TopClip is a range of flooring transitions which consists of 4 uPVC tops, which can fit into 6 different bases; 2 aluminium and 4 uPVC. All of the uPVC bases can be curved to a radius of approximately 750mm. Between them, the TopClip range can transition between practically any different gauge or type of floorcoverings.

For the Albion Mills project, Quantum’s QTC42R top was used with the QVB1 uPVC base. This meant that the profiles could be curved into the necessary shapes. In order to get around tight curves, it can help to gently heat the profile with a hot air gun. This would have to be done skilfully by Floors Hull, so the profile would not become distorted.

The Outcome

Steve McDonald from Floors Hull fitted the flooring in Albion Mills, along with the TopClip transition profiles. The end result looks fantastic, with the QTC42R and QVB1 curving well. As Steve says: “A very small amount of heat was used to create this tight radius, but the product itself was very flexible and went round with ease. Fantastic transition profile.”

TopClip tops have 3 “teeth”, which allow them to be pushed flush to both floorcoverings which they transition between. This ensures that TopClip fits snugly on both the carpet and vinyl in Albion Mills, minimising the risk of trips. The tops are also slip resistant and durable, for extra safety.

The flint coloured QTC42R tops look great with the dark and light grey carpet tiles. They fit perfectly with the aesthetic of the refurbished offices. Floors Hull, with the help of Quantum Flooring, have ensured that Albion Mills has a modern, professional design scheme for prospective tenants.

This project won the Full Installation category in Quantum’s Q-Awards, September 2022. Read more about the Q-Awards here.

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