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Offices – Capital content – Stair nosings

Capital Content is a media content production team based in Cobham. The company provides videos, photography, audio, and various other marketing and branding media for a range of businesses and individuals.

Capital Content approached G Harding Flooring, a flooring contractor, to “bring their office to life” with design featured flooring. The company records podcasts, film shoots and other advertising material for clients at their workplace, so the designs needed to match their own vision of how they wanted to be perceived.

Glenn from G Harding Flooring carried out a site inspection with the owner of Capital Content, and discussed how to best incorporate their business logos and assets into the flooring layout. This would involve sourcing stair nosings and carpet tiles which would match the colours of the company’s branding.

The Approach

Glenn contacted Quantum Flooring to talk about which stair nosings would be suitable for the job. Q-Range DUO Stair Nosings have tread inserts on both the tread and the riser of the profile. This enables the profiles to have either one colour on both or, as with this project, a different colour on the tread and riser for design purposes.

Q-Range DUO allowed G Harding Flooring to pick colours for the tread and riser to match Capital Content’s branding and logo. As Glenn says: “We wanted to create a visual ‘wow’ factor to the entrance of the office where visiting clients would be first greeted on arrival – the staircase. Samples of additional colours to match Capital Content’s own branding was a big plus.

“By using Quantum’s extensive colour bank, not only were we able to find a perfect match, we found 2! The colours, a bold pink for the tread, and a vibrant blue for the riser, gave the stairwell an abundance of colour that would change as you walked up it.”

The Outcome

G Harding Flooring installed the Q-Range DUO profiles using Q-Fix Stair Nosing Adhesive. This has ensured a solid, firm and secure fixing which can withstand the traffic anticipated for the workplace. The stair nosings achieve the aim of an eye-catching entrance to the office, while making the stairs safe and easy to navigate.

The branded theme is continued throughout the office, where G Harding Flooring installed hand cut logos and patterns utilising carpet tiles. The results are outstanding, with the offices being an excellent example of G Harding’s flooring design skills, and showcasing Capital Content’s brand and logo.

As Glenn from G Harding Flooring says: “The client wanted to show the importance of branding, attention to detail and how to stand out from the crowd as this is a key service they provide to their clients. Where best to start and show off their visions? In their very own workspace.”

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