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Quantum’s 17mm Connect matting system

TODDINGTON Motorway Services is one of the busiest stops in the country for travelling motorists. It is run by Moto Hospitality and located on the M1 near Dunstable in Bedfordshire. The services operate 24 hours a day, which means that there is a huge amount of footfall throughout the premises, especially at peak times.

The matting in the main entrance to the Southbound section of Toddington Services was becoming worn and ineffective, due to the large number of visitors. A clean environment when entering a building is crucial, since transferred soil and dirt can easily become a slip hazard. The best way to deal with this is to have safe and effective entrance matting. The challenge for Moto maintenance personnel was how to replace the old matting simply and swiftly, as they were unable to close the services. Firstly, the matwell would need to be measured as quickly as possible. Next, the new matting would have to be installed with minimal disruption to visitors and workers.

The Moto maintenance team contacted Sheffield Flooring, a flooring contractor said to be known for top quality installation work throughout the UK. Along with the time constraints on installation, Sheffield Flooring knew that the new matting would have to be of excellent quality and very hard-wearing. It would also have to be suitable for wheelchair and caster trolley traffic. Sheffield Flooring called Quantum Flooring Solutions and requested the completely free Quantum Specialist Measuring Service (QSMS). Within 24 hours a surveyor from Quantum had reportedly visited Toddington Services and measured up the 22.5sq m matwell. It was decided that Quantum’s 17mm Connect matting system with anthracite coloured textile inserts would be suitable for the job. Quantum says its matting systems meet all building regulations, British Standards and HSE guidelines. They are also said to be available with a 10 year guarantee.

Quantum Flooring Solutions reportedly delivered the pre-cut matting to Toddington Services within 10 working days. This was co-ordinated with the Sheffield Flooring installation team, so that the matting could be installed overnight. The matting reportedly fitted straight into the existing matwell, minimising the need for on-site trimming. This helped to keep any disruption to visitors to an absolute minimum. By the next morning, Quantum’s entrance barrier matting system was in place, helping to prevent slips, trips and falls in Toddington’s Southbound building. Quantum’s textile inserts are also said to be great at helping to prevent dirt and moisture from entering the services, assisting Moto Hospitality workers in keeping the internal floors clean and safe.

Sheffield Flooring’s knowledge and expertise in flooring was supported by Quantum Flooring Solutions’ product. Quantum says it used its QSMS free measuring service and delivered a ‘top quality, highly durable matting system which was ready to install’. Moto Hospitality can rest assured that Toddington Service’s Southbound entrance matting will be helping to keep the building clean, and its visitors safe, for years to come, Quantum concludes.

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