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FAQs – Distributors

1.    What is Recofloor?

Recofloor is a national commercial collection service that provides the flooring industry with a green method of disposing of waste vinyl flooring for recycling. The material collected is used to produce new flooring or alternative products used in traffic management products.  

Founded by Altro and Polyflor in a joint commitment to reduce the impact of vinyl flooring on the environment, the scheme primarily serves and offers many benefits to flooring distributors, contractors, and construction companies. 

A secondary engagement with architects, specifiers, and facility managers is also offered.  

2.    What are the benefits of participating in the scheme? 

Participating in Recofloor will allow your company to reduce its carbon footprint. It will enable you to sustainably dispose of your roll-ends while fulfilling your corporate social responsibility by actively attempting to minimise your environmental impact. You will also be able to save money by using Recofloor to dispose of your waste. In addition, it can help grow your business by offering your customers, such as local fitters and contractors, a drop-off point for small quantities of selected vinyl flooring.

Companies who register for the initiative also receive free publicity and advertising. After registering, you will receive a certificate of commitment and the option to obtain statement letters as proof of your involvement, diversion figures, and CO2 savings. Furthermore, you may be awarded a Recofloor awards for your efforts which will promote your efforts.

3.    Is there a cost?

Recofloor collections are free for distributors. The drop-off point for users is also free.

If users of the drop-off have more amounts than day-to-day waste, we encourage the distributor to ask the contractor to contact us, so that we can organize collections directly from their premises or projects.

4.    What is expected from a drop-off point?

The team is expected to embrace the scheme as part of their own by advertising the drop-off location with their customers, when possible. They should help us run a seamless collection by collaborating with us and keeping the collection containers in good condition while adhering to the bin care guide specifications. They also should engage with the Recofloor scheme by inviting the Recofloor team to trade events or referring new clients to the scheme.

5.    Which vinyl floorings can I accept for recycling?

Altro and Polyflor waste is preferred, but you can accept all brands of commercial vinyl flooring for recycling if they meet the below criteria:

Post-consumer waste:

  • Smooth vinyl flooring with a clean surface and not more than 3mm of adhesive or screed
  • loose lay

Installation waste:

  • smooth vinyl flooring offcuts
  • safety vinyl flooring offcuts 
  • loose lay
  • luxury vinyl tiles offcuts 


  • safety vinyl flooring
  • smooth vinyl flooring 

Click here for further information on materials specifications.

6.    How long can collections take?

 A collection takes place anywhere between four to ten days. You can book a collection online using our distributor order form: https://www.recofloor.org/order-form-distributors/.

7.    Which collection containers would I receive?

Depending on your space, you will receive Recofloor bins or bulk bags. The collection bags are branded and help keep the waste streams separate.

Bins – Each bin is 1m3 and holds roughly 200m2 of vinyl flooring. The bin usually weighs 400 to 500 kg when full.

Bulk Bags – Each bulk bag is 1m3 and holds around 250 to 300kg of vinyl flooring.

Recofloor also provides clear labelled sacks, and each bag holds around 10-12m2 of flooring. The clear sacks come in handy in transporting the waste and keeping the uplifted flooring separate.

8.    Can I participate in collecting my own waste, without allowing customers to drop-off?

You can participate in collecting your own waste, but it would be preferred and a real benefit to collaborate with the industry to customers to drop-off at your site, providing users follow the specifications and comply with your requirements.

9.    Do I need to register for a waste exemption for storing the material?

The temporary storage of waste for Recofloor is exempted from the waste restrictions. You won’t have to worry about registering for a waste exemption if you are following the exemption requirements. Here are the exemption requirements you must follow:

  • The waste collection must take place at a collection point, and the waste must be in a secure container.
  • You can store waste temporarily, not longer than three months. 
  • You can store at most 50 cubic meters at any one time. 

10. Do I need a waste carrier license?  

The law requires distributors that pick-up waste vinyl from consumers with their own vehicles to get an upper-tier waste carrier’s license. However, you don’t need to register for a license if the material is brought to your premises, as it is the contractors’ responsibility to obtain a lower-tier waste carrier’s license.

11.    Will I receive a waste transfer note for my collection?

Yes, you will receive an email with the waste transfer note after the collection. Please contact us if your customer needs a Waste Transfer note for their drop-offs.

12.    How can Recofloor support my drop-off point?

You will receive Recofloor leaflets to advertise the scheme, a box of clear bags, and a welcome package with a certificate of commitment and valuable materials. We can also attend your trade events to speak to customers and hold annual Recofloor awards to ensure you receive recognition for your recycling efforts.

In addition, there is always friendly advice and support from the team willing to help boost your efforts and promote your site. Just get in touch if you need an assistance.

Signage can also be purchased to advertise the drop-off location.

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