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Key achievements for 2022 and what the future holds for Recofloor in 2023

In 2022, Recofloor experienced significant progress with many positive outcomes. Our focused efforts to enhance communication and engagement among current members, as well as increase awareness to potential new members in the industry, gained momentum and contributed to our success

Even though we faced some challenges, as did the rest of the industry, with regards to transport and general market conditions, the feedback provided by our enthusiastic members has helped us pinpoint specific key areas and how best to navigate these during current industry difficulties for the upcoming future.

During 2022, Recofloor collected an impressive 476 tonnes of waste vinyl flooring, 78% of which came from our primary source of contractors and distributors and the remaining 22% came from industry-related companies collecting only Altro and Polyflor flooring, saving 558 tonnes of CO2 emissions in the year. This is equivalent to taking 146 cars off the road for a year or heating 237 UK houses on average*.

31 companies/fitters joined the scheme, and a total of 126 companies participated during the course of the entire year.

All of the collected material was transported to the Altro and Polyflor UK plants for sorting and recycling. It was then used to create new flooring or sent to a UK recycler for repurposing in other products, such as traffic calming products.

We opened our annual Recofloor Awards and hosted an event at Twickenham Stadium where delegates enjoyed a unique experience and winners were presented with trophies and certificates by guest host and Rugby legend Brian Moore.

Our summer promotion was also successful due to our ongoing promotion on social media and other communication channels with scheme members winning free Recofloor collection bulk bags, signs and a chance to win an Apple Watch for collecting their waste vinyl flooring with Recofloor.  

We also created new literature for training schools to help introduce the scheme to the new generation of fitters.

The significant investment for restoring the Recofloor bin inventory is almost complete. The program has taken approximately two and a half years, during which over 100 bins were refurbished, and 35 new bins were acquired. Additionally, 36 bins were sent for recycling.

We want to take this opportunity to thank our members as these impressive achievements are entirely due to their dedication, collaboration and commitment to preserving the planet and supporting Recofloor.

Since our scheme was launched in 2009 and as of today, a total of 2,177,000 m2 of flooring has been recycled, reducing the need for raw materials and natural resources in the production of new products. We have saved 7,661 tonnes of CO2, which equates to driving around the equator 999 times or taking 2000 cars off the road for a year*.

For 2023, we plan to continue our efforts in supporting the industry, to increase engagement and attract potential members, increasing volumes to 500 tonnes, industry permitting. We also aim to reduce the impact of last year’s challenges by implementing a project-by-project deployment of the scheme and monitor potential transport issues to communicate with members.

Recofloor also plans to continue focusing on core activities, such as:

  • Updating the website with fresh and relevant content.
  • Maintaining a steady social media presence.
  • Carrying multi-touch communication campaigns to engage with members.
  • Remove the upfront code needed when booking a collection.
  • Reward members through the Recofloor awards and other incentives.
  • Attend distributors trade events when invited.
  • Provide members with diversion figures, statement letters when requested so they can prove their Carbon Emissions reductions.

Details about these and more will be shared with members throughout the year, however, these could change based on the needs of the scheme.

*The estimated carbon savings are based on the displacement of concrete in traffic management products, which is the primary application of recycled flooring.

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