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Case Study – Metropolitan Police Workshop

The Metropolitan Police Workshop facility was opened in October 2019 in Rainham, Essex. GEMCO installed a wide range of garage equipment at the new Babcock Rainham facility to help with the maintenance of the Metropolitan Police’s fleet of vehicles. The facility includes a Workshop, Parts Department as well as Staff Welfare Areas and Offices.

The job/challenge:

Babcock oversee the service and repair of over 3500 vehicles at three London based facilities. In 2019 Babcock invested in a new state of the art workshop in Rainham equipped with modern equipment and technology. In order to maintain such a large volume of vehicles the floor at the new multi-million pound facility needed to be extremely durable and resilient. The client also wanted to open the facility as soon as possible to help service the growing fleet.

The solution / implementation:

Arturo worked with the clients and Resin Floors Telford, the resin flooring contractor to design a suitable specification which allowed the floor to be installed quickly.  The Arturo epoxy resin flooring system also created a hard-wearing, seamless and slip resistant surface, which is guaranteed for a number of years.

Resin Floors Telford first applied a coat of EP6500 scratch coat followed by 2mm of Arturo EP2500 epoxy self-smoothing floor to help produce a durable finish.  By using Arturo EP2500 epoxy self-smoothing floor, Resin Floors Telford were able to install the resin floor much quicker and easier owing to the fact that EP2500 does not require spike rolling. Arturo EP2500 is also only two components making it faster and simpler to mix. Finally Arturo EP3910 sealer was applied to provide a slip-resistance floor finish.

The result:

By combining one of Arturo’s fast and convenient systems along with the highly specialist installation skills of Resin Floors Telford, the project was completed on schedule to an extremely high standard with next to no issues. The Arturo resin floor is also extremely strong and robust whilst being easy to clean, due to the seamless nature of the resin flooring. The new workshop significantly improves the capacity and Babcock’s ability to maintain the Metropolitan Police fleet, helping to continue to keep London safe.

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