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Spectacular, seamless and contemporary floors by arturo 

When looking to create a stunning interior the floor is key to a beautiful design. Not only do arturo resin floors help create contemporary and stylish environments, but they are also extremely durable, practical and comfortable.  For example, no dust, solid or liquid contaminants can be trapped within joints allowing for quick and easy cleaning. 

The seamless nature of arturo floors also helps create a spectacular finish with a diverse array of colours, decorative flakes and ‘concrete’ look finishes.  Hundreds of different colours to match RAL or NCS colour ranges are available from solid single colours to gentle marbling effects which produce gorgeous colour tones. With countless colours and design options the floor can also be customised to fit the environment or interior style.

Resin floors can be adapted to suit any environment or sector including residential and commercial locations.  arturo floors  are compatible with underfloor heating, impervious to liquids as well as offering good scratch and chemical resistance. They can also be made UV stable and slip resistant if required. But arturo floors are not only practical, there is an abundance of design potential waiting to be discovered!

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