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The nora range is durable, works to reduce noise and provide comfort

FROM changing design trends and functional requirements to occupant wellbeing and sustainability, the list of demands associated with commercial flooring can feel endless, and it can be difficult to keep up. But what if you could meet all of these demands with a versatile collection of products from one manufacturer?

For our Specifier’s Guide to Flooring, nora rubber flooring had the following to say:
Produced in Germany for over 70 years, nora rubber flooring by Interface forms part of the company’s comprehensive portfolio, which also includes carpet tile and luxury vinyl tile (LVT). The nora range offers a versatile solution that is not only durable but also works to reduce noise and provide added comfort underfoot. The flooring is also incredibly easy to clean – a quality which is now more important than ever before in commercial spaces. From educational facilities and workspaces to retail spaces and public areas, and even laboratories and operating rooms, nora rubber flooring ensures specifiers can create high-performance interior spaces that support wellbeing and productivity, while being good to the planet – all from a single source.

Solid foundations
Every project is different, but whether you’re working in healthcare, transport, or education, what remains constant is the need for a high quality, durable solution which looks the part, too.

The full nora collection is designed to stand the test of time. It’s hard-wearing, easy to clean and maintain, and its underfoot comfort and sound insulation make it the perfect solution for high traffic areas. The flooring’s slip-resistant properties help reduce trip hazards, and it’s also fire retardant, making it a practical and safe solution for healthcare and education environments.

But it’s not just about durability and functionality, nora also performs when it comes to design and aesthetics. All nora collections embrace simple yet timeless design principles, with a wide choice of styles to choose from, including block colours, textured terrazzo, concrete, and marble effect options. Inspired by urban and modern design trends, the latest nora collections – norament 926 castello and norament 926 kivo – help to create impactful and innovative spaces.

For example, norament 926 castello is a timeless design featuring marbling that is reminiscent of stylish limestone surfaces, adding a touch of classic luxury to its surroundings. Each 3.5mm-thick floor covering tile is unique and features nora’s newly developed two-tone surface design with two different gloss levels. The elegant colour palette includes eight warm shades of grey and beige, offering the perfect foundation for any space.

Meanwhile, norament 926 kivo is inspired by industrial materials such as concrete, which is an increasingly popular modern design material. The 2.7mm-thick tiles have a two-tone surface to give spaces an urban, industrial feel and are available in eight colours, ranging from warm beige to cool grey-blue tones.

Dirk Oswald, head of product and brand management at nora, said: ‘The norament 926 collection offers the usual practical advantages of norament, but at the same time is ideally suited to corporate settings like office spaces and conference rooms. Here, proven nora quality and modern appearance go hand-in-hand, making it possible to create an impactful yet functional industrial look.’

Thoughtful design
nora is designed to support real people in everyday spaces. The flooring aims to offer comfort, support, and practicality, with sustainability and wellness carefully considered within each design.
For example, norament 926 castello uses elastic material which creates less impact sound than other hard flooring surfaces, improving the acoustics of the space. The product is particularly useful in healthcare settings where patients need a quiet space to recover, or in office and learning environments where users need to be able to concentrate and focus.

norament 926 castello also offers underfoot support, making it ideal for high traffic areas. It has been designed for users who spend a lot of time on their feet, such as healthcare workers, as the ergonomic support helps to reduce back and joint pain and even fatigue.

A sustainable choice
Just like all of Interface’s carpet tiles, LVT and rubber products, norament 926 castello and norament 926 kivo are certified carbon neutral through the Carbon Neutral Floors programme, at no extra cost to customers.

In 2019, Interface calculated and reported a baseline carbon footprint for its nora rubber flooring products, and in 2020 initiated projects to reduce that carbon footprint. Just like it had done with its carpet tile products so many years ago, the manufacturer first focused on dematerialisation – reducing the number of raw materials required to make the product – and replacing virgin raw materials with recycled, recovered, or natural materials. In just one year, Interface has reduced the carbon footprint of its rubber flooring by 14%, in part due to the increased use of natural rubber. As Interface moves towards its next goal of becoming a carbon negative enterprise by 2040, the company remains focused on reporting and reducing its total carbon impact.

Interface understands that creating versatile spaces that cater to a variety of needs can be challenging. That’s why it’s committed to providing solutions such as nora rubber flooring that offer customers complete flexibility and optimum functionality with aesthetics to fit any style.

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