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MAPEI’s Ultracoat range: Water-based floor finishes for wood flooring protection

MAPEI’s Ultracoat range includes a series of water-based floor finishes, designed to protect all types of wood flooring, while, the company says, promoting a fast, safe application.

Says the company: ‘Spanning primers to finishing coats, the solvent-free, water-based formulas have low VOC emissions (volatile organic compounds) and contain no traces of NMP (N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone), so they provide a safe solution for all applications, in home and commercial settings.

Best-selling products for contract floors include Ultracoat Premium Base primer and highly resistant Ultracoat HT 2K lacquer, both available in bigger, cost-effective units.’

Ultracoat Premium Base
Continues Mapei: ‘Ultracoat Premium Base is a water-based primer designed for the preparation of solid and pre-sanded wood floors, and for restoration of traditional and engineered wood flooring. A two-component, solvent-free undercoat designed for application before a water-based finishing cycle, Ultracoat Premium is easy to apply – with excellent coverage properties, high insulating capacity and good sandability – and it minimises issues with overlaps.

‘It also enhances natural timber tone without causing unsightly colour variation in tannin and extract-rich wood; this makes it especially suitable for exotic wood species that tend to redden or darken. After application, the treated timber can be sanded after 12 hours or finished after two hours (and within five hours).’

The company adds: ‘Ultracoat Premium Base has a high solid residue content, so only a single coat of Ultracoat treatment cycle (one or two component, depending on the final use of the flooring) is needed after application. When used in combination with Ultracoat HT 2K, it also creates a Ultracoat system with Bfl s1 – Cfl s1 fire reaction class certification.’

Ultracoat HT 2K
Says Mapei: ‘Designed to protect wood floors exposed to high levels of foot traffic, Ultracoat HT 2K provides high resistance to abrasion and marks from rubber soles. The water-based varnish is offered in four gloss levels which each protect and enhance timber tone, without altering appearance, and also provide resistance to bacterial attacks. Ultracoat HT 2K has a 100% polyurethane formulation and is aliphatic, so it won’t yellow over time.’

After application, finished floors are reportedly dust-dry after 25 minutes, touch-dry after 40 minutes and can be returned to use after 36-48 hours. For exotic hardwoods, a prime coat of Ultracoat Premium Base is recommended.

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