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Channel 4 News Studios in Leeds gets a durable flooring upgrade using F Ball’s Stopgap 300 smoothing compound

F BALL and Co’s Stopgap 300 smoothing compound has been used to create a hardwearing base for a flooring installation at Channel 4 News’ main broadcast studios in Leeds.

The refurbishment involved installing luxury vinyl tiles (LVTs) over 120sq m at the TV broadcaster’s national headquarters located on the south bank of the river in the city centre.

As well as delivering perfect aesthetics to pass the scrutiny of roaming HD cameras, the flooring had to be supersmooth and durable to accommodate the repeated movement of the cameras and other heavy equipment.

A site visit from F Ball’s technical service department identified a subfloor consisting of a power-floated concrete base that had been subject to several flooring installations since the building was built 25 years prior. Multiple applications of smoothing compound, some of which had failed owing to degradation, exposed a dense and shiny power floated concrete surface.

A moisture test indicated the floor was dry enough to proceed with the flooring installation without a moisture management solution.

Therefore, London-based contractors iFlor Flooring Contractors LLP commenced with F Ball’s recommendation to mechanically remove all layers of old smoothing compound and contaminants to create a suitably smooth, micro textured surface.

The substrate was then primed with F Ball’s Stopgap P131 general purpose primer to prevent the unacceptably rapid drying of the subsequently applied smoothing compound.

Once dry, Stopgap 300 smoothing compound was applied at a depth of 3mm over the entire subfloor to provide the firm, smooth base over which the floorcoverings could be installed. Stopgap 300 is formulated specifically for use over subfloors in areas that are subjected to heavy-duty traffic, making it ideal for where the production team would be continually moving over the space with heavy TV equipment.

It is walk-on hard just 90 minutes after application, allowing for the LVT floorcoverings to be installed little more than three hours later.

Commenting on the project, Adam Couch, owner and director of iFlor Flooring Contractors LLP, said: ‘With heavy cameras operating, it was imperative to have a robust surface before installing floorcoverings. After seeing the state of the subfloor, we needed advice and assurance prior to commencing work, so we called on the expertise of F Ball’s
technical service department to recommend the best course of action and products for the job. Stopgap 300 is tried-and-tested and provided a superior finish to meet our – and our client’s – needs.’
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