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IVC Commercial can provide a solution to acoustic environments

WHETHER carpet tiles, luxury vinyl tiles (LVTs) or heterogeneous vinyl, IVC Commercial says it can provide a solution to the challenge of acoustics in today’s commercial environments.

Says the company: ‘Impacting comfort and productivity in everywhere from offices to schools, care homes, social housing and hotels, the problem of noise is something that needs to be considered in both newbuild and refurbishment projects. While specialist systems exist to combat noise, contractors can also utilise the floorcovering itself to reduce noise.’

IVC continues: ‘In environments where concentration and productivity are key requirements, such as school classrooms and offices, carpet tiles with specialist acoustic backings can contribute to better comfort. IVC Commercial’s EcoFlex Echo provides considerable improvement in acoustic performance over the manufacturer’s regular modified bitumen backing.

‘Reducing impact noise by up to 25% and improving sound absorption by up to 100%, the backing is available on a range of styles including selected colours of the manufacturer’s entry-level Creative Spark carpet tile, making excellent sound performance accessible to a wide range of projects. EcoFlex Echo derives its performance from a 94% recycled content polyester felt layer that also contributes to improved underfoot comfort.’

For areas where durability and ease of maintenance is paramount, such as school corridors or health care settings, IVC Commercial’s Optimise 70 sheet vinyl is designed to combat impact noise through a specially developed backing.

‘Featuring a 0.70mm wearlayer and Hyperguard+ for durability and easy cleaning, the floor meets all the performance requirements of sheet vinyl so that acoustic performance comes without trade-off. Reducing impact noise by 19dB, Optimise 70 can help reduce sound transference between areas helping projects to support the comfort of users.’

Where premium natural aesthetics are prioritised, such as offices, retail and hotel and leisure projects, the authentic looks and practicality of LVTs are said to be popular. ‘With LayRed 55 acoustic engineered vinyl flooring, high-quality wood and stone effects are combined with a built-in underlay that helps to combat noise. Reducing impact sound by 22dB, the floor can help to reduce noise levels. The underlay also aids underfoot comfort while the engineered vinyl construction makes for easy installation.’

While these floors cannot replace a full acoustic system, says IVC Commercial, they can certainly contribute to an experience that’s more comfortable. The company concludes: ‘In cases, they can also be used to further improve the acoustic performance of projects, adding to the overall performance of the floor system.’

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