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Reducing downtime in retail entrance matting refurbishment

WHEN planning retail entrance matting refurbishment, a key consideration is how quickly the entrance matting can be installed to reduce downtime and limit the risk of disruption to sales, while considering the importance of accurate entrance matting specification for a successful project.

The replacement of entrance matting is sometimes discounted owing to the risk of disruption to sales hours. A closed shop is the last thing a retailer wants. However, there are high-quality and effective products available that can be installed easily in a few hours, even overnight.

Deciding not to replace entrance matting can also be damaging to sales, because it often gives customers their first impressions of a shop’s brand. If the entrance looks untidy and not well maintained, it can leave people with a negative memory of the brand.

Safety also plays an important factor, worn entrance matting won’t be performing as expected. It won’t be able to effectively remove moisture and debris from customer’s footwear resulting in slip accidents.

We recommend choosing the best quality entrance matting system that the budget will allow, so it lasts and continues to contribute to the overall feel of the store. Regular cleaning and maintenance will help to prolong the life of the entrance matting, reducing the need for full replacements resulting in further disruption and expense.

The problem is entrance matting isn’t generally regarded as a top priority; in the initial specification process for new building projects it can be overlooked altogether. Also, it can be over-specified or under-specified which more often than not, is down to the budget available; the latter being especially pertinent if finances are being squeezed nearing project completion. There’s a definite appetite within the building and flooring industry for value-engineered products.

As a British entrance matting manufacturer, Coba is frequently asked to step in and supply entrance systems at the last minute – a situation that it says it can very often accommodate, especially with its non-bespoke entrance matting tiles. (Custom-made-to-order will always take a little longer, but Coba says it can usually turn aluminium entrance systems around quite quickly).

If entrance matting hasn’t been well-specified, then the likelihood of it needing to be refurbished in the near future is quite high. It probably won’t be doing the job it is supposed to do, or perhaps it simply can’t withstand the volume of footfall or is impractical to clean and maintain. The quality of installation can be a factor too, incorrectly installed entrance matting won’t perform to the standard it’s expected to.

‘In order to make the whole refurbishment process seamless, we offer a full supply and installation service,’ says Coba. ‘This ensures the best product is specified and installed correctly to a high standard, providing product longevity.

‘Our install team are trained to install off-the-shelf and bespoke products. They have years of experience with COBA products, and so know them inside out. They’re professional and can even install overnight to prevent any retail downtime. Once we’ve completed the install we’ll also clear up and dispose of any waste, leaving you to admire your new flooring installation.’

Entrance matting is important aesthetically, but we shouldn’t forget the safety applications. It prevents the public from slipping and protects internal floorcoverings from dirt and moisture being tracked in.

‘Within our range, we have several quick and easy-to-install entrance matting systems, which will reduce downtime for retail environments. Our Premier range of easy install entrance tiles are ideal for when a quick turnaround is required. The tiles within the range are hardwearing and effective at removing moisture and debris from shoes and wheeled traffic.

‘Premier FastTrack is the latest addition to our Premier range. These easy-install entrance tiles are ideal for recessed mat wells or can be laid to the floor surface with ramped edging. The tiles are anti-slip, fire tested, hardwearing, and come with a five-year guarantee. Our Alba carpet inserts feature in anthracite which are made from ECONYL, essentially reclaimed fishing nets and other plastic waste. ECONYL regenerated nylon performs exactly the same as brand new nylon but is more sustainable and helps clean up our oceans.’

No adhesive is required for installation, creating less mess and faster installation, says Coba. ‘The installation guidelines are even conveniently situated on the back of the box, in easy-to-follow steps. Premier FastTrack is ideal for retail entrance matting refurbishment, it not only looks great but performs to a high standard too.

‘The tiles are available in convenient packs of eight to cover 1sq m. If your existing entrance matting requires refurbishment, please don’t delay in contacting our entrance matting experts. They’ll be able to recommend the ideal solution to suit your environment and budget, call us on the contact details below.’

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