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Accelerate flooring projects with Weber’s weberfloor MVS: A high-performance moisture vapour suppressant

THE latest product to join Saint-Gobain Weber’s flooring range is weberfloor MVS, a water-based moisture vapour suppressant that can reportedly be applied to a substrate that is up to 95% relative humidity (RH) to save contractors valuable time per project.

Says the company: ‘Using a MVS helps reduce time onsite by decreasing drying times before a final floor finish can be applied. Traditional cement and sand screed mix of up to 50mm could take more than a month to dry, before being ready to receive a moisture sensitive floor finish such as vinyl, but by using weberfloor MVS, contractors can treat a substrate with up to 95% RH as if it was 75% RH.
weberfloor MVS is easy to apply with a roller and there’s no need to prime before overcoating with weberfloor screeds and smoothing compounds.

‘The new weberfloor MVS is also tinted to help achieve full coverage of the floor. It has rapid drying properties and it’s suitable to be over-coated in as little as 60 minutes.’

The company continues: ‘The weberfloor MVS completes Weber’s moisture control offering alongside weberfloor DPM, an epoxy-based damp proof membrane, capable of one coat application and suppressing the passage of residual construction moisture up to 98% RH when full coverage is achieved.’

Jack Bottesch, product marketing manager at Saint-Gobain Weber, said: ‘We’ve been working with flooring contractors to develop new products as well as making updates to existing products to ensure we’re manufacturing flooring systems that make application as quick and easy as possible, even on the trickier projects. By specifying weberfloor MVS it will save you time and money allowing you to finish your job early and move on to the next.’

The company concludes: ‘Weber’s flooring range consists of industrial and commercial floor screeds and smoothing compounds. It includes systems for renovation, fibre-reinforced screeds for underfloor heating, fine texture smoothing solutions for high-quality finishes and wearing surfaces for warehouses with forklift traffic. Ancillary products such as dB matting, for sound reduction and improved acoustics, are also available.’

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