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Acoustica underlay from floorwise helps combat noise

USED under wood, laminate and LVT flooring, the Acoustica underlay collection from floorwise reportedly helps combat noise, a major flooring-related concern facing specifiers today.

The company says: ‘With names such as Acoustica and Whisper, it’s clear floorwise has set out a clear objective for its wood, laminate and LVT underlays; cutting down on noise. But the collection does so much more than make floors quieter, helping to ensure installation is easier, cutting down on squeaking joints, stopping moisture attack, and protecting click systems to maintain a secure fit.

At the top of the range sits Acoustica Platinum, an all-encompassing high-performance wood and laminate underlay.’

Made from 3.75mm thick high-density rubber, this underlay reportedly deals with impact sound (23dB) and also reduces airborne noise, has a built-in vapour barrier to protect from moisture and is said to be thick and dense enough to deal with minor subfloor irregularities.

Continues the company: ‘For fans of PE foam, the Whisper series also has a top-performing equivalent in Whisper Gold. Made 5mm thick, the underlay delivers several features.

Reducing impact sound (21dB), fighting airborne noise, providing a moisture barrier, and dealing with minor floor imperfections for better support and less risk of squeaking joints; Whisper Gold can also be used with underfloor heating, making it a winning all-rounder.’

Richard Bailey, managing director of floorwise, says; ‘Our wood, laminate and LVT underlay collection provides a comprehensive range of specifications and material types to ensure installers can find the perfect underlay for the task, all from one supplier.

‘Whether specialist luxury vinyl click underlay with Acoustica LVT or rigid and recyclable Acoustica Fibreboard for bridging imperfect subfloors and combatting sound, there’s 14 different products to choose from so we’re not short of options whatever the need or budget.’

The Acoustica collection ranges from 1.5mm thick Acoustica LVT up to the 3.75mm thick Acoustica Platinum. From 2mm to Gold, the Whisper collection is said to be equally versatile, ‘bringing supremely light roll weights for easy handling’.

The floorwise wood, laminate and LVT underlay range is reportedly available for quick delivery from distributors across the UK and Ireland. Full details on the collection can be found in the new underlay brochure available for download from the website.

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