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BerryAlloc’s solution for the faster installation of vinyl floors

DreamClick can be found on BerryAlloc’s Pure and Style vinyl collections and features a 360° locking system that’s reportedly twice as fast as any other traditional installation, with up to 12sq m finished in just 30 minutes.

DreamClick is a four-sided system that allows for a fast fit and supports the versatility of creating a variety of laying patterns without compromising on ease. It makes it easier for fitters to combine a mix of finishes such as stone or wood, or flooring and patterns such as herringbones, basket, or classic brick layouts.

The Pure vinyl collection consists of wood and tile effects, including popular finishes such as terrazzo and contemporary stone. Each offers exceptional performance and minimal maintenance, while the ability to combine wood and stone through the DreamClick system lends itself well to zoning in open-plan spaces.

The Style collection includes a variety of aged and realistic wood finishes. It incorporates choices that offer vivid, cracked, rustic, and elegant solutions in a spectrum from light through to dark browns and greys. As with the Pure collection, the DreamClick system provides the ability to mix and match without compromising on performance and finish.

Both collections can be used in commercial locations thanks to a 0.55mm wear layer and a 10-year warranty. With a faster fitting experience, the DreamClick system makes it possible for fitters to provide a quicker turnaround on large projects or the ability to offer a solution where timing is tight or a priority.

At BerryAlloc, we believe in life, every kind of life and every kind of floor. We offer a wide array of interior solutions for residential and commercial projects, ranging from laminate, vinyl, and parquet floors to wall panels.

BerryAlloc’s products are available in various colours and styles, which are suited to all types of interiors and lifestyles. Our floors are durable, and meet current aesthetic and technical requirements: quality, variety of finishes, durability, longevity, and ease of installation.

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